:pl:⚽ Game Day 34 - Other Games 1st May - 3rd May

The other games have started first up is Crystal Palace V Man City
Man City 2 up with 2 second half goals

Will be champions if dippers beat Utd tomorrow

Brighton V Leeds up next.

Good news. Oxford winning.


Shrews have equalised. Skates back in the top 6. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Brighton 1 up to Leeds which as it stands they have gone above us.

Shrews 2 - 1 up against Oxford

Brighton now 2 up

2-3 now, but skates winning 1-3.

Strong favourites for the playoffs now. They just need to equal Oxfords result on the final day.

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Unless Charlton win their game in hand…

Chelsea and Fulham just kicked off

Bye bye Fulham


Tbh Chelsea cant get a kick atm.
Wave after wave of Fulham attacks

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Tell you what, I didn’t rate Lookman at all at the start of the season. But he’s really improved, looks a very decent player now.


True. But Charlton have Hull as their last game, so I’m not pinning my hopes on them.

It is fun watching Werner find ways to not score though.


Utd fans are revolting.

This will surely put back any thought of fan involvement in clubs, a la German model,…