:fulhamfc: Fulham v Saints :saints: (PL)

:fulhamfc: v :saints:

Any season ticket holder not going to this one? Need a ticket for kid goat.

Unlikely. But don’t forget you can buy them off Fulham in the “.neutral zone”

Just been on their site and unless I am being dumb (quite likely) it’s £50 per ticket in P3. Fuck that.



Sadly I am not around for this season’s Sotonians day out on the Thames. Gutted. But if this means kid goat can be thrown into the throng, happy to help.

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No it’s £50 a ticket.

Cheaper than in some of the home stands though where you’re looking at £60+

Which Teenage Mutant and I were in (P4) for the FA cup match back in Jan (courtesy of and thanks again @Saint-CD)

It was strangely OK

Have done the same again for this match (P3) as I don’t have a season ticket and 4 always this season. I am officially registered as a Fulham fan now…

Ok - who wants one ticket for the game on Saturday- seat is in the neutral section at the Away end.

Free to first come first served - PM your address to me today before 4pm and I’ll send it next day delivery.

No charge, well maybe a small donation to the kiddies on @Goatboy ‘s charridee site?

Now not going as Teenage Mutant becomes Young Adult #2 on Friday and is having a “do” on Saturday

Pre game drinks anyone?


So the Commisars have managed to all be asleep at the same time and you’ve had to regurgitate a 2017 match day thread?

Or did I miss a timeslip?

I mean I know we have a save the planet thread and I am all in favour of recycling and everything…

Lol. Bletch post was actually from July 2013! Waste not want not!

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Yeah it confused me too as I certainly posted in 2018

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I’d love it if it’s still going? Will make a charitable donation if someone has a link?


If you hover over the date, it expands it fully to the date that the post was actually posted


Maybe a change to the date format so it said 17 Oct would be less confusing (@saintbletch is this possible or is it an individual preference??).

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We’ll be looking for Alladyce’s number on Sunday, that said he is out of our price range so an unknown bloke who did an ok job in the Greek League will probably be in the frame.

2-0 Fulham.

Many thanks JxgrSaint. Received. Drink before the game?

Done & in the post

Enjoy…or endure…


No worries, pre-match drinks sounds like a good plan :+1:

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