Fulham v Saints Beers

Ok guys, me and Teenage Mutant will be making a special guest appearance thanks to the generosity of Saint CD.

Who will be up for beer pre / post game?

Will be good to actually put faces to names.

Any ideas for good local boozers?


There are a load of boozers on the way. Can’t remember the name of any of them! Three Bells rings a bell. When we dicked them in the Championship we went to one pub where all the bar staff had Saints shirts on!

I’ll be there anyway. Cherts is up for it too.

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As I live 20 mins walk from the ground (would be quicker if I had a boat :lou_facepalm_2:,) I can suggest a couple of places that are less obvious for the usual hordes of visiting fans. These suit anyone arriving at Putney train station (nearest station). Putney Bridge tube is a little nearer to the ground.

I am thinking for those inclined to start “early” (11am) we sink a few / lots while waiting for others to arrive, before moving on to the pubs nearer to the Cottage. Takers?


I’ll have a bit of that.


@bucks is hereby appointed Match Day Beer Guide responsible for the itinerary

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Up to a point CS. Not lived here that long and never been to the Cottage so will defer to others’ (hazy, drunken, out of date) memories of boozers near the ground.

You’re way ahead of the rest of us then @bucks

Anyway, we need someone to blame if they’re shite…


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Glad to spread a bit of Xmas spirit to CS in return for a bit of new year spirit (see what I did there). Also looking forward to putting faces to names. I’ll have tyke with me so anywhere that will do soft drinks and enough food for a 13 year old streak of lightning will do fine. 'Er in will be dropping the two of us "in town " en route to Warminster on Sunday so time to fill our boots. About time I taught him about a proper away day …


Who is in for this? My train gets in around midday. Lets be drinking was on about a pub called the Bricklayers? Brickmakers?

I’ll be there. Any pub, any time. I’m daughter free, so can spend as long as i like in one.

Somewhere with decent food please @bucks


…and he will hereby be known as “The Cottager”.


I will be there with teenage mutant who can’t quite get his head around meeting a load of randoms…

Bucks said an 11am kick-off, so name the first pub Bucks. Can always move on to a food friendly pub…

100% have to buy Saint CD and Tyke a couple beforehand though.


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I like that.

A lot…

He’s probably confused by mixed messages

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That’s what I said @fatso

lol :smiley:

Nothing like parents being hypocrites at all…

OK so I have finally secured two tickets in P2, the “neutral” section next to the saints fans.

On the pub front, there are fortunately a ton of pubs in Putney. Many do not open until 12.00 and this includes the Bricklayers. It has also changed in the last year: it is undergoing renovation, has a much reduced selection of beers and still no kitchen.

Nearby is the Coat & Badge. This opens at 11am, has plenty of food, heaters outside, TV screens and a variety of beers. It is just off the high street and will be less rammed than better known places like the Rocket (a Whetherspoons). The Coat is not cheap but very few pubs here are, sadly.

As I said before, I can be there at 11am and suggest we head to somewhere on the way to the ground later on. I don’t know these well but they include the Temperance and the Kings Arms. Other ideas welcome!


Coat and Badge sounds good to me.


This one?


That’s the one.

Have been there to watch Saints many times, most memorably when Schlong scored in the last minute at Anfield.

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It seems that the need for pre-match beers on Saturday is even greater than we thought last night: over on the dark side, they are trying to organise banners and full on protests. This is not just for during the match, but as the players emerge from the tunnel. Oh the fun.

The C&B opens at 11am. Not sure how busy it might be (plenty of home tickets still for sale) but I can be there whenever. Food available from 12 but if you want less pricey or poncy, two minutes away are a Five Guys, KFC, Subway and McD.

I know Goatboy’s train gets in at 12. What time are the rest of you aiming to start your preparations for the magic of the third round? :lou_lol: