🏎 Formula 1 - 2024

The most exciting thing in the sport happens off the track…

That’s kind of huge tbh
His Car design is so far ahead of any other team…

Adrian newey is going - early part of 2025. Stepping away from the F1 team with immediate effect

They, whoever they are, reckon he is going to Ferrari…

Max’s agent is going to be a busy little boy

he will have to persuade Marko to quit, then he can get out immediately. Apparently Marko, without the knowledge of anyone at Red Bull, changed Max’s contract to write in this escape clause.

Personally I would have fired Marko and accepted the risk that Max might quit (although why would he leave the fastest car on the grid). Even if Max did quit, pretty much any F1 driver in that car is going to podium and perez would become world champion. The added bonus is that you get rid of Jos

Miami GP is almost interesting…
C’mon Lando!

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Max during the race on the radio

“Fuck me this is boring. I should have bought a pillow.”

The Monaco GP summed up


That was because his own team member out at the Monaco GP

F1 2026 regulations: FIA plans smaller, nimbler and more environmentally friendly cars - BBC Sport

Canada GP. Russell on pole and its pissing down. :yum: