🏎 Formula 1 - 2024

Let’s hope it’s a better season than the 2023 one

What is the F1 2024 race schedule?

Bahrain Grand Prix - 29 February-2 March

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix - 7-9 March

Australian Grand Prix - 22-24 March

Japanese Grand Prix - 5-7 April

Chinese Grand Prix - 19-21 April

Miami Grand Prix - 3-5 May

Emilia Romagna Grand Prix - 17-19 May

Monaco Grand Prix - 24-26 May

Canadian Grand Prix - 7-9 June

Spanish Grand Prix - 21-23 June

Austrian Grand Prix - 28-30 June

British Grand Prix - 5-7 July

Hungarian Grand Prix - 19-21 July

Belgian Grand Prix - 26-28 July

Dutch Grand Prix - 23-25 August

Italian Grand Prix - 30 August-1 September

Azerbaijan Grand Prix - 13-15 September

Singapore Grand Prix - 20-22 September

United States Grand Prix - 18-20 October

Mexican Grand Prix - 25-27 October

Brazilian Grand Prix - 1-3 November

Las Vegas Grand Prix - 21-23 November

Qatar Grand Prix - 30 November-1 December

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 6-8 December

Lewis & the Ferrari Tactical team…


You have to wonder how shite the Mercedes must be for this to have happened

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Apparently like their road cars Mercedes F1 cars aren’t very reliable…

Not so much the reliability the engine is under powered


What he been up to then - a nice distraction for the start of the season

Who was he doing the hokey cokey with at the beeb?

Shagging Ginger in the staff canteen…

Can’t be Ginger he shagged - she’s on The Masked Singer according to Jonathon Woss

Should be on the gagged singer

I love it, the Koreans found a way to completely nail a Karaoke show. Camp and OTT
(I don’t think Ginger is on the show but I did guess Dionne Warwick)

The Horner thing is evening reported as inappropriate controlling behaviour which sounds a bit like what the British Cycling team fell down on

People chasing perfection demanding everything and not tolerating second best but having done so for so long, forgotten the human element

Aka he is a demanding cunt and someone didn’t like it and has called it out

I do wonder what people expect working in an F1 team would be like - I know a couple of people who lasted 3 or 4 years before leaving, saying the pressure is relentless. That was when that were racing half the races they do today

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@PhilippineSaint says Betfair will reinstate his account
@Polski_Filip says he will win the lottery this week

Both of those have as much chance of happening as Ferrari have of being a consistent challenger to Redbull this year

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