🏎 Formula 1 - 2022

2022 Schedule - 23 Races!!

Date Grand Prix Venue
20 March Bahrain Sakhir
27 March Saudi Arabia Jeddah
10 April Australia Melbourne
24 April Emilia Romagna Imola
8 May Miami Miami
22 May Spain Barcelona
29 May Monaco Monaco
12 June Azerbaijan Baku
19 June Canada Montreal
3 July United Kingdom Silverstone
10 July Austria Spielberg
24 July France Le Castellet
31 July Hungary Budapest
28 August Belgium Spa
4 September Netherlands Zandvoort
11 September Italy Monza
25 September Russia Sochi
2 October Singapore Singapore
9 October Japan Suzuka
23 October USA Austin
30 October Mexico Mexico City
13 November Brazil Sao Paulo
20 November Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

and possibly the best news…

Just been watching some of the Red Bull launch, what a sycophantic load of self congratulatory bollox.

That video with the radio from AUH GP is much better to watch

Netflix F1 - Drive to Survive 2021…the new series will start on 11th March. It’s expected all episodes will be available on the 11th.

Been a great fly on the wall docu series but this one could well be the one to top them all. :lou_lol:

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They should just show all of the footage unedited from the last race -


It was the only thing that could have been done, as well as restructuring the whole way the stewards/race directors are contacted…

More balls than the FIA…

be interesting to see if the LTA does the same considering who the current men’s world no 1 is


Horner crying already :-

Either that or Adrian Newey has had time to look at it and thinks Mercedes maybe off down a rabbit hole

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They print that NOW?
18 YEARS after the first GP there.
Is their some new law in UK that you have to virtue signal or whataboutery something every day

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Karma’s a bitch eh Red Bull…

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F1 finish was “exciting”

Red Bull

Mods! MODS! Phil is crossing the streams!

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It was that or watch citehs 4th tbh