🇺🇸 For people on here who say the US is irrelevant

or they’re not important, I suggest you look at the posts concerning them, whether you like it or not they’re by far the most important nation on the planet for freedom and stability and they will continue to be for at least 50 more years maybe more.

If you weren’t arsed you wouldn’t post about them, an example I’ll give is my neighbour before lockdown spent 3/4 a year in New York as his daughter lives there, he dislikes Trump, guns and all that but is infatuated with the states and can’t get enough, a real leftie who is amazed by it and he is far from alone, the states unites both the left and right and why is that? Freedom.

The US is still an idea, a dream.

I’ve grown to like it not that I have a huge experience of the place, I’d like to get more though

The more you comment on it the more you show you’re interesting in the place, I don’t see many for the plight of the Georgians, issues between Greece and Turkey etc etc

Has anyone on here suggested that the US is irrelevant?


Well put it this way, we bitch and moan about the US not in the way we do about genuine rogue nations, maybe it should have been worded why are people so biased against the US.
The current leader is a trumpet but we always moan about them, why? Without them we’d be fucked, so would Korea, Japan, South Asia, middle east etc etc.

I get the feeling this thread isn’t really about the USA Barry, more about you trying to trigger arguments / troll as per usual

For that reason, thread muted. Have a nice day :roll_eyes:

The US is a genuine rogue nation.

The only reason you don’t think so is because you’re utterly porous to propaganda and impervious to competing facts or narratives.

If you asked the hypothetical man from Mars who’d caused the most damage since 1945, there is only one answer.

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Damage is a different argument to World peace, totally different.

I’d say China, Russia, Israel, Iran, Saudi, Qatar and North Korea are all ahead of your rogue nation.

Have a lovely muted day xx.

America is remarkably like Britain.
It has wonderful places and wonderful people.
They both also have parts and people who would be complimented if they were classed as highly as being shitholes.

It is however, a particularly British art to always talk about & criticise others.

Dont think anyone on here believes UK is beyond rebuke on many issues let alone the US. Or Poland, UAE, Russia, China et al.

Nobody typing in a bedroom on a forum is going to change anything.

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Nobody in the kitchen either, the US has not invaded sovereign territory and subsumed into their territory.

Created island missile bases off short illegally.
Ran an illegal nuclear missile program.
Funded maddrasses that are linked to extreme religious groups that are committing attrocities in Eastern and Western Africa.
Illegal land grabs and building on lands that are in another nation.
Blow up dissidents with rockets in stadiums if they’re deemed an enemy of the state.

The US is many things, but I’d live there above all the other nations mentioned in a heartbeat, so would I guess all on here.

That says an awful lot to me.

Korea - 5 million
Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos - 3.9 million

  • Sanctions killed 500k kids
  • Over a million dead as a direct result of the 2003 war
  • Ungoverned space allowing ISIS to develop
  • Gaddafi eliminated
  • Country turns into factional, largely ungoverned space
  • Loses territorial integrity. Leads to a rush of refugees from the African interior and the Mediterranean refugee crisis.
  • Historical sites of immense cultural value destroyed

Add to that Afghanistan, whether they were financing Muhajadeen or just invading it to kill their former clients. Or Syria. Or the Central Americas in the 1980s. Or almost blowing the fucking world up in 1962.

Perhaps if you’d spent your time in history learning history instead of writing “I hate Southampton FC and all its works”, you’d know this.

But you seem not to. That is not world peace.

Tell you what let’s initiate a thread about America and then talk about other countries Bazza has identified as worse. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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I just don’t get it, and because I don’t get it, my imagination is running wild. I think we need a poll.

How does a man to get to his mid-40s with a completely uncritical view of America, despite having lived through the last three decades?

  • Red Dawn (1984) on repeat
  • Red Dawn (2012) on repeat
  • Arrived from alternate universe
  • Lives in cave
  • Frames the world as good guys versus bad guys, like a child
  • Donald Trump’s “tremendous tremendous” choice as secret US campaigner
  • Poisoned by a Russian spy
  • Licked by a North Korean dog
  • Chucked out of a restaurant by Chinese owners after advancing some of these theories
  • Lacks critical faculties

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But he doesnt like whataboutery :lou_facepalm_2:

You forgot “His wife got blown by Putin”

Don’t you mean “blown up” (not as in exploded)?

They’re points of view and discussions to be had, not facts, they’re you’re opinion in other words, why did the Americans go into Vietnam? Korea? etc etc

What are you on about, the US has done terrible things and I am not unable to criticize them, you’re fucking mental.

Soviet Union/Russia
North Korea

Go on with this, I am all ears.

Because they thought they could bomb ideas to death.