:fm22: ⚽ Football Manager 2023

It is that time of year again when I start a FM thread! :wink:

FM23 has some new licenses and it is now on Playstation 5


Release date 8th November 2022 - trailer does not have any gameplay or give any features away

Football has be banned this week. Might want to come back next week……



What’s a StationPlay?

It’s Football Manager, not football.

It’s Football seen through the prism of something resembling Microsoft Excel :slight_smile:

Amazing what you can do with Excel these days.

I said something resembling Microsoft Excel.

Don’t expect to be able to do conditional formatting!

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Beats it being made on Paint

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I think the original on the Amiga was written in a hobbyist’s language, iirc.

To be honest I’ve people to do Excel stuff. I’m just interested in the numbers at the end…

:sotonians: Official announcement. @Cobham-Saint has more or less admitted he knows fuck all about Excel.
Get in touch with Sotonians management and we’ll discuss numbers.
* After Cobs tells us what he wants them to be

A rare advert on Sotonians.

EDIT: Apart from MLG’s of course.


My adverts are only once per year. So that is pretty rare!

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Saints in FM23 are going to be alot more fun to manage than at any time under Gao.

Yeah but you use us like slatterns, you bitch.

Where’s the love in between?

There’s none. You’re running miles for Jacobson. For free.

I’m no longer posting on Saints Web.

So maybe I’ll pull up a chair here!


This is more your scene anyway. Where you’d be fried for an insistence on correctness over there, @Fowllyd would give you the Not Nicked Wallet Cross for your efforts if it involved the English language.


Only more or less admitted?? :joy::joy:

I want the numbers to be money, and more money obvs

And I seem to spend most of my time proving that the figures in their Excel spreadsheets are wrong and the figures in my MI dashboard are correct

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My Excel spreadsheet has crashed so all my little workers are telling me they cannot find the jobs that they are meant to be doing. Our 24/7 IT support has fucked off for the weekend so will see what happens Monday morning.

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I cannot believe I have just asked for help in the Tech Support thread with a Spreadsheet problem and you lot are talking Excel on a CComputer Game thread. FFS.

I need help with Google Shits. (And it is but we ain’t got anything else atm)

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