⚽ 👨‍💼 Football Manager 2022

Out on 9th November 2022 :slightly_smiling_face:

If you buy before release day you get 10% off the price plus you have early access to play the beta approximately two weeks beforehand.

I was gonna be a cynic & mention your come back because a new release was dropping.
But saved me the effort.

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There are no cynics on @sotonians !


I think MLG would be better off concentrating on the youth.

Most people of Sotonians demographic have either:-

  • Accepted defeat to technology entirely
  • Done enough Football Manager to be done.
  • Experience of 21st century video game mechanics.
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Where do I find them?


Wasn’t it Meatloaf who said “two out of three ain’t bad”

Working in descending order….

Not originally. It’s why Jim Steinman got the royalty payments.

Fair point, but he sang it.

Still have Steinman‘s “comeback album” - beats the pants off Batshit out of Hell imho

Haven’t listened to it in year though tbf.

Newcastle are going to be a lot of fun to manage on FM this year!

It’ll give Steve Bruce something to do.

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In the spirit of the inspiration, I’ll do a slightly modified version next year and pretend it’s a new thing.

What do you expect to see in a football management game?

Honestly it’s going to take VR for met to a footy management game again. If I’m going to spend my time doing something like that, I want something else.

And yes, I know that in the early days, the series was a novel in your head - like many games which are largely abstracted from real life ( Civ being a big example ).

I think the difference between Civ and FM is that each iteration of the Civ series has been a genuine march on what came before. I don’t feel that way about the FM series - I think a lot of game patches for other games provide more incremental content than it does with each full price release.

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Is that a huge change?

It doesn’t seem like a huge change.

Potential ability multiplied by a country value with a bit of a dice roll. Wow. Please take my £40.

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It is a huge change under the context Miles uses. For long term saves in minor nations it is a huge change as it allows you to have significantly better standard of the league if you raise the reputation.

If it is more than an afternoon’s work, I’d be surprised. All the elements to do it are already in place. Both potential ability and reputation have been in the game since before it was Football Manager.

The only change is that the reputation stat is now a variable and not a constant.

As for benefit to player, I saw someone on that thread gushing about it because he had tried playing as San Marino and he found playing as them really hard.

Now, the aforementioned algorithm change will address that, but at the cost of the realism the game purports to have.

I don’t see San Marino becoming a world beater in real life absent military conquest and annexation of nearby nations with footballing talent.

Is that what the game is aiming to simulate? :smiley: