Football Manager 2017 - Release date & a 20% discount

Game is out on **4th November 2016 ** (pre-orders get access to beta version roughly two weeks before release)

If you own one or more of…

  • Football Manager 2013

  • Football Manager 2014

  • Football Manager 2015

  • Football Manager 2016

Then you get a 5% discount for each when buying Football Manager 2017 on Steam (if all on same Steam account). So a potential saving of 20% for being loyal to the series…

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I’ve owned every one since 2000, do I get 85% off? This was likely to be the first year I didn’t purchase…

No, it is only for the games I mentioned and a max of a 20% discount.

Are you on commission MLG?

Just thought I’d ask.

By the way, why not compliment your purchase with a copy of Fatso’s Sotonians Excel spreadsheet at only £5 per copy. (Fatso, I want 10% commission for this)


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For an additional £10 Cherts will come round and wank you off into a pot noodle. Add another £10 and Chutney Ferret will hold a seance for you.


I don’t rate the cover star much as a manager. He seems to be urging them up the pitch as they are attacking/defending an aerial ball. Either that or he’s cuddling his invisible girlfriend like this:

…Could I also point out my beautiful and very reasonably priced repro etchings of old Southampton are still available for instant despatch… Vestiges of Old Southampton just to add a little local historical background to playing your new version of Football Manager.


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That’s not how you do it MLG, play the game ffs. You tell us the updates, we say that sounds the same, you post some videos of brown T-shirt man, we mock him, you tell us the changes (bit more angry), we say that sounds the same, you make the joke from Fawlty Towers (view from the room, what you expecting etc), we mock some more and then buy it.

That’s how this works MLG - you know the drill!


MLG gets evasive when you ask him about FM renumeration.

Knowing Miles Jacobson (and I do, personally), wouldn’t be too surprised if they were on nowt.

As to the commission angle, he’s getting nowt from these posts. How would anyone even know a Sotonians post inspired the purchase?

Use code SHITCUNT when buying.


About time you started milking Google Ads pap.

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Originally posted by @pap

MLG gets evasive when you ask him about FM renumeration.

No I don’t. It is an unpaid role, apart from a free copy of the game each year.

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Don’t worry, I’m saving that for when details of the game are released! :cool:

At the moment it is just the release date & 20% discount.

I’m afraid this thread will be closed as it has breached several of the sacred tenets of’s articles of incorporation.

Nothing to do with commercial interests*, no, not at all, it’s more to do with posting about simulations that bore the living shit out of you when you could play the game instead (pap is exempt as he has penguin hips).

*This post was in no way associated with Brewdog, the best brewery in the world.


Prisoners get paid more than that.

Even if they wank into the pie mix.

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I have never played this game before. I feel I need some incentive to buy into this franchise and prise myself away from premier manager '96. Something like 20% new customer discount might do it.


You’re paying full price, me ol’ mucker.

Unless you buy the others first.

like everything else in life, the old versions of this game are the best. I got last years and gave up, it was too hard and shit to play. Surely a game should be fun?

so stick your loyalty bonus up your cunt, MLG.

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That went well MLG

I think is likely to be the worst place to try to launch / recommend a new product…ever.


As evidenced by Bletch’s insistence that Brewdog products don’t taste like dogs piss.