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Bohemian Rhapsody - Golden Globes - Best Film & Best Actor for Remi Malek - deserved but a surprise



Not a film i have seen(not out yet), but the trailer looks interesting, so does anyone know if Những cánh én đầu tiên will be available in English(subtitles will be fine).
I’m not expecting a positive answer, but maybe someone who knows more about film would know how to find out.
Anyway, here’s the trailer.



Looks odd IMHO



Looks different certainly, but that’s part of the appeal. How many films about the Vietnam war have you seen that aren’t American, let alone Vietnamese? None for me(as far as i remember), so a different perspective is always welcome.
I’ll watch it(in Vietnamese if i have too) and let you know if it’s odd, brilliant, or just different from what we’re normally fed.



Fair play.



Not exactly on topic, but I read these articles with interest.

I have an alternate theory, btw.

Real life humans age, movie studios still want to make Bond films, and we can’t have Sean Connery waging geriatric war on the international super-villain community.



Been going through the gangster classics.

Watched Scarface and Godfather Parts I and II again recently. I really want to give some love out to Pacino. It comes to something when he plays a titular character in both, performing a similar criminal boss kind of role, and yet you forget so easily that it’s the same bloke playing them.

The dude is a master, and was so at a very young age. That scene with Kay when she reveals the truth about her third pregnancy is just amazing.

Seems weird to think now that Francis Ford Coppola had to fight tooth and nail to get him cast as Michael Corleone. Difficult to imagine anyone else doing it now.

He gets a bit of stick for “doing a Pacino” in his later career, and that’s justified. Well worth remembering he created two superficially similar but utterly different screen icons before that ever set in.



Just watching David Lynch’s Blue Velvet

Me and Mrs C_S watched it way back when it first came out.

Still enjoying parts but there is some difficult stuff going on in it that I’m certainly uncomfortable with these days.

Fuck, still love the song Blue Velvet though.

Dennis Hopper plays an absolute blinder.

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I see Robin Hood is available on BluRay already, despite only being in the cinema last November, says it all about the film methinks.

Mrs BTripz went to see Alita : Battle Angel last night, said she really enjoyed it but couldn’t tell me what the story was. Think that was more to do with the lesbian friend she went with than the film!



Just watched Hurricane on Netflix

About the Polish 303 squadron from WW2.

Highest kill rate of all squadrons

Film was very human though.

Apparently after the war an opinion poll said 56% of Brits wanted them repatriated to Communist Poland - where most were persecuted or killed - perhaps I should have put this on the Brexit thread (ok no persecution or murder of returnees).



They were indeed the true heroes of the air battle and you can get away with the link, if you can show the spitfire/hurricane picture that ukip used in their very wrong campaign.



For everyone except @pap who knows everything Marvel, here is a handy introduction to Captain Marvel and a glimpse of possible post Avengers movie trends

BBC News - Captain Marvel: The need-to-know on MCU’s latest hero



Fuck this fantasy stuff…I grew up with good clean racist Cowboys & Indians. Loved it and loved the scenery…still do.



THis could go in the trans gender thread now as If I remember correctly John Wayne was a girl called Marrion :lou_is_a_flirt:



Young Adult #2 is off to see this, probably with a pack of tissues



Is it a weepy?

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Dunno. Not the sort of thing you ask your 18 y/o nipper…

Edit: Ah, You meant the film right?




Great news for all you godless heathen cocksuckers :cowboy_hat_face:



One of my favourite box sets. The dialogue is poetry.



Just re-watched the whole lot about a month or so ago, criminal that it was scrapped. Be surprised if the film doesn’t get a sequel or 2.

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