📢 ☁ Fighting, terrorism

Can we discuss it here and leave the Manchester thread for discussion around the Manchester terrorist attack?

Anyone got any suggestions for halting the spread of terrorism?


A few suggestions

  • Don’t interfere with other middle eastern countries

  • Curb the UK arms industry

  • Ensure that no politicians have any interests in the arms industry


Only women’s emancipation will stop terrorism but seeing as most are locked in for that reason we’re fucked, it won’t come from the white man’s locker room, board room or golf course, it’ll come from the kitchen where I want to live to see them free from and I can not wait for it to happen


I’m sure there is loads of interesting and worthy stuff here bazza but frankly I haven’t got the fucking slightest idea what you are on about or how it is relevant. Please excuse my ignorance.


As I am having a nice cold beer, here we are as I can’t be arsed to type but the gist is ancient old women if free and have an equal say wouldn’t send their sons to war, would have a more balanced view and wouldn’t be reliant or at the very least be more sceptical of the total bias of religious books against them.

Oh, and the UK needs to stop sucking America’s dick and taking one in the arse whenever they want people to help with the dying on the ground in whatever fly-blown caliphate is the latest political bad boy…


gr8 news. I love these kind of argument threads!

It wasn’t always the case. You know, I’ve been frming for a long time now, and for years I couldn’t get on with these threads at all. I couldn’t make sense of them, or find a way to contribute. They made me uncomfortable. I couldn’t figure out the rules.

It dawned on me eventually. The object of the game is not to change the other person’s mind, it’s to avoid having your own mind changed. In that sense it’s not a difficult game. We’re all in charge of our own minds. All you need to do to avoid losing, is to care about not losing. Same as noughts and crosses. I could play 10 years and never lose a game, if I was willing to put myself through it.

Not losing ain’t the same as winning of course. Winning is more difficult! You can score points along the way, if the other person flounces off, or gets guested, or a 3rd party backs you up, but points are largely irrelevant. They’re just like corners or free-kicks. Nice to have, but they don’t actually mean anything.

I wonder about a system where a whistle is blown, a debate halted, and a winner declared. Like an independent scoring panel, or referee, or something. But I don’t think it’d work. If there was a chance of actually losing, then the people who love the game best, simply wouldn’t want to play.


Not sure why I bothered type that all out soz. I’ve been rattled all day, ever since Barry called me offside at 8:30 this morning. I will hope for better things tomorrow! :lou_smiley:


There’s always another season too.

Keeping women in the kitchen will stop terrorism, although most are and it hasn’t helped, we’re fucked. No terrorism from rich white people, it comes from the kitchen, were Barry wants to live to release someone. He can’t wait.

So Women are the cause of terrorism and Barry wants in now.

Upvoted @bearsy - think I know what you’re banging on about


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Bugger, is that what I just upvoted? I thought he meant the opposite!


I’ve long said I reckon terror is in the eye of the beholder.

I think bombs are pretty terrifying, whether they’re strapped to a suicide bomber or dropped by a nation state.

We need to end our involvement in all activities that contravene international law.

I also think we need to cut the umbilical cord that links our foreign policy to the US’s ambitions, especially now that Trump is in the driving seat.

No-one blames Wilson for keeping us out of Vietnam.

I don’t think any of our post-2001 interventions have been strictly legal as far as international law is concerned. I think the only way we can adhere to international law and stand up to the spirit of it is to have an independent foreign policy. I also suspect that might prevent many future atrocities from occuring in this country, and should be a reasonable position to argue for.


really old ladies wouldn’t send their sons to war and wouldn’t believe in religion- is that it?

Have you been smoking crack?

We didn’t go to Vietnam for Suez.

The point is that we got more international credibility and far less hassle for staying out, including not having that death toll on our nation’s conscience.

Oh yes, phew, I did understand Barry right the first time.

A big chunk of this comes back to religion, sexual repression and fear/hatred of women.


You speak fluent Barry!

Maybe that should have been one of these :lou_facepalm_2: instead of one of these !