:fifa_logo: 🏆 FIFA Women's World Cup - Australia and New Zealand 2023

First match kicked off this morning and

The Matildas (surely they can’t be called that in these “woke” times) play the Republic of Ireland later this morning.

Excuse me if I only start to watch when Ingerland get through to the semi-finals.
In my defence that’s how I will be watching Ingerland men’s team too in future.

The “sheilas”?

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These Haitian girls are spending. Fair amount of time writhing about on the floor - there is going to be 30 minutes of time added on here


We missed



It’s all a bit shit imho

Turned off the sound as the taters aren’t up to much either.

We look disjointed and as Eniola Aluko said at half time we lacked control.

It’s definitely not coming home this tournament.

It’s certainly tedious

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I have TSN and sounds like Matterface + an Antipodean female voice on comms.
About as gripping as a Saints pre season friendly

Great save!

The Filipina Bitches beat the Kiwi’s 0-1 there first goal and first win in the world cup finals ever

NB they are called the Bitches because the mens team are called the Ascals which means Street Dog.

The Host’s New Zealand and the Philippines are both out from Group A after this mornings games.

I dropped onto a US forum to see how fans view a game

Apart from offence etc they use some funny old terms

Bunkering - which i guess means parking the bus
Snow bird - no idea - Smith Morgan and Williams can’t all snowbird and also expect the team to possess through midfield

And whats this “to possess” business its “keep possession”

Outside backs - i guess we are talking full backs

England carve open a listless defence. Russo
1-0 England inside 5 minutes

Just watch five minutes - not sure the Chinese even touched the ball - this is going to be a massacre

Cracking ball puts Hemp through buried it
2-0 25 minutes

Great 3rd from a corner.
Better 4th disallowed by VAR
VAR then gives a penalty to China 3-1 58 minutes

Oh that was quality. Lovely cushioned volley Lauren James