Is there a thread on feminism? I couldn’t find (in my admittedly cursory search of the forum) anything on the topic.

Anyway, I thought this was ‘interesting’. Peta co-opting sexualization of women at Wimbledon in order to promote their vegan agenda.

Thoughts? They’ve come in for loads of flak on social media, but make a reasonable sound argument, I think (I think we already know what Dubai Phil and Phillipine Saint will say…)

As PETA stunts go, this is actually really tame - and kinda nice too - politely offering people vegan cream beats throwing blood over randomers any day of the week. Good for them I say.

Ummm, vegan cream?? How is that even possible??

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I wasn’t actually planning on critiquing Peta (although we could do that, I guess). Apparently, Peta professes to be a largely feminist organization and yet here they are, using these models in bikinis to promote a particular position they hold.

And stuff like this…


If you disapprove of their using bikini models then don’t donate to PETA. If you really really disapprove of their using bikini models then feel free to attempt to persuade friends and family not to donate to PETA.

Not quite sure what more there is to discuss really. The women weren’t forced to dress up in bikinis were they? Because if PETA have kidknapped these women and forced them to dress up in bikinis then that’s definitely bad and shouldn’t happen.

PETA are from what I gather a thoroughly insidious nasty organisation particularly if you don’t agree with their views…

Quite how they are going to help the feminist cause I really don’t know.

I’d certainly not want them to hijack any cause I believed in (feminism included)

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Its a funny one because I think there are a lot of very decent arguments for cutting down on meat globally - and when you look at the meat processing industry it does make for pretty grim viewing (link below if you’ve got a strong stomach) - but as Cobham says though, PETA just turn people off by being extremist lunatics. This is a step in the right direction.

Speaking as a sexy vegetarian, I think this stunt was totally fine if, and it’s a big if, the two people doing the stunt were the two who came up with and implemented the idea. If, however, it was dreamt up by some PETA executive (as I expect it was) then it’s on more dodgy ground.

But I’m a man so what do I know…


I’m a right little hippy and love the animals, no I am not a vegan nor veggie but have been cutting down and now having Quorn in a far bit, me and the Mrs are about to do the shopping and I suspect more veggie things will be going into the basket now, the animal living and being killed humanely is paramount.

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35 day aged dexter rib eye steak grilled medium rare says vegans can do one


Hmm, can someone change the title of the thread from feminism to vegan/vegetarianism?


I don’t really care what they were trying to achieve, women walking about like that does damage to any fight for equality. Seems like a bad decision to me.


and once we stop eating beef, pork, bacon, lamb, mutton, chicken, duck, eggs etc. etc. what will happen to the animals?

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Sex zoo


Me and my partner are attempting to be vegan having been vegetarian/pescatarian for a number of years. I sent off for a PETA vegan starter kit magazine. Nothing too objectionable. But thinking about some of the campaigns over the years there are some I don’t agree with.

Bikini clad women doing promo work is using sex to get attention. It’s not needed. Themightyostrich nails it for me with his response. The endless sexy perfume adverts annoy the hell out of me.

Maybe we need a few threads a vegetarian one and a feminism one, and a PETA one too.

The comment that the women were not forced to do the work is a bit sad really.

I know people who have done this work and at time they are not told the whole deal. They turn up and it’s a bit less clothing. They need to work so may do a piece of work they didn’t really feel comfortable with as they have bills to pay and unlikely to get another job that day.

Now I wonder if they will have men in tiny Speedos doing the same tomorrow.


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I once saw an TV ad in Italy of bikini glad woman holding some meat. I always felt it was meat selling meat.

Surely women have every right to dress however they like, whenever they like, in support of whatever cause they like? As long as its their own free choice of course.