Favourite Sandwich

Favourite Sandwich


i know, I know this is a corny bit of a thread and has been done to the hills, but I faced a dilemma just 20 minutes ago, when I fancied a sandwich, but had to much choice.

Ham & Cheese

Ham & egg mayo

Corned Beef and pickle

Cheese & Pickle

now I opted for the ham and cheese sandwich, but it got me thinking, what is my favourite sandwich and I have to say it is crispy Bacon and chicken mayo.

So what is your favourite ‘bread’ sandwich?


I have two.

First is inherited. Tuna, onions, vinegar, bit of black pepper and mayonnaise. My nan worked in a cafe in Woolston for years, and all the locals used to rave about that particular sarnie. Nan’s been gone for 23 years now, but we still do the sarnie. Preferred configuration. Normal bread, cut into triangles.

Next one is beef, onion and cheddar melt. Baguette all the way.


Eastleigh Football Club used to do the best cheese and onion rolls. I’ve been addicted to raw onions ever since. La Parisien in Romsey do a mean Brie and onion roll, which is also amazing.

I’d eat raw onion every day if it wasn’t for the fact it would make me friendless.


Oh yes a cheese with far to much raw onion is a good one.


Raw onion is top. It is no coincidence that it’s both of my favourite sarnies.


Bacon (lightly cooked, not crispy) and fried eggs on malted granary bread. Brown sauce optional.


I’m sure there’s something in it that’s good for you. I just crave it!


Yep, cheese and onion for me too!


Jan’s sandwiches in Romsey is well worth a visit for any sandwich officianado. They’re quite simply tremedous, and have been for many years.

My top sandiwch would be thick cut granary bread, spread with mayo, some thick hand cut ham, extra mature cheddar, creamy coleslaw and thin chunk branston pickle. With some shredded iceberg lettuce. Nom.

Although I’m also rather partial to tuna, spring onions, mayo and cheese (with lettuce).


Tuna mashed up with a boiled egg and onions on granery bread. New York deli - hot pastrami with pickles and mayo on rye.


Cheese and onion for me by a country mile. Second favourite is onion and cheese.

Which reminds me. A few years ago I was in a cheese emporium near me that boasted 500 different cheeses. Cheese is all they sell and they regard themselves as experts.

I eyed their imported Cheshire, and wanted to know about it’s condition. Nobody wants rubbery Cheshire. I asked the assistant, but phrased my question badly. What’s the Cheshire like? " I asked.

“Oh” he said. “It’s kind of an English version of Cheddar”…Now, I never expected to ever feel like I was in a Monty Python sketch. If the red mist of anger had not clouded my judgement I like to think that I would have said “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to shoot you.”

I’m not generally the patriotic sort. Queen and country can suck my dick…But NOBODY fucks with my cheddar. Cheddar is my fucking birthright as an Englishman!!


White bread, Salted butter and Heinz tomato ketchup.

otherwise known as a panty pad sandwich.


Yeah, I make those when I simply want something to taste, but can’t be arsed to make something proper.


As it seems to be the most popular sarnie by a street (hmm, should there be a poll?) here’s a song to celebrate that combo…



Peanut Butter

coronation chicken

anything with molten cheese


I’ve missed the obvious one

cold turkey, stuffing, a couple of pigs in blanket, big dollop of garlic mayo

Sandwiches don’t get any better than that


I am having a cheese and onion sandwich for my tea. Should I have the onion sliced or chopped?


I’m thumbing through Debrett’s here…Strangely no mention of it. Either is good in my opinion. When I was younger, I would have said sliced. Now that I am more advanced in years, I would say chopped, then puree the whole sandwich and drink it through a straw while sneakily pissing yourself.


Steak and onions. Or chips and tommy sauce.


Of course, the Christmas dinner sandwich is an absolute belter. I have normal mayo spread on the bread with cranberry sauce, or maybe some HP sauce.