:pl: ⚽ Fantasy Premier League '23/24

I’ve renewed last years Sotonians league, you will automatically rejoin the league when you create your Fantasy team for this season if you were in the league. If you weren’t and want to join this year’s league then simply use the link below and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game.

Sotonians Fantasy Premier League

League Code: l7fwjz

Looking forward to playing against you this season!

This seasons entries :-

Team Manager Sotonian’s Name
Kevin Martin Ostrich @TheMightyOstrich
Bayer Levearchfile Joelyon Roberts @JxgrSaint
Smack the Toney Simon Goddard @WorzelScummage
No Hope Bob Bain @BTripz
Return of the Saints Richard Burt @Bucks
Stew’s Saints Stewart Cousens @SaintInSaffa
Filips Flops Philip Hughes @Polski_Filip
Wot no Saints Geoff Soul @Shroppie
Tiocfaidh ár lá James McCall @Tokyo-Saint

I’ve also, for the shits and giggles and to give someone else other than @Tokyo-Saint a chance to win, create a Sotonian’s head 2 Head league.

Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply use the link below and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game.

Sotonian’s Head 2 Head Fantasy Premier League

League Code: slv1ea

Gameweek 3 - Has @Tokyo-Saint Lost His MoJo??

Gameweek 3 and @Tokyo-Saint is not top of the Premier League Fantasy Table!! What is going on?

@JxgrSaint has taken that lofty perch and has even extended his lead this week!!

Things seem to have settled already but wait, what’s this? I won a week, I know 47 points isn’t a lot in the general scheme of things but it makes me feel good.

Gameweek 4 - Hands Up who Didn’t have Haaland as Captain @TheMightyOstrich!!

Those 13 extra points might be the difference come the end of the season :slight_smile:

Well done to @WorzelScummage who scored 74 points this week (40 form Haaland) and wins this Gameweek.

Not a lot of movement in the Leader Board, I reckon @Tokyo-Saint is keeping his powder dry ready for a surge up the table come April 2024.

I’m only really half playing this season as my main competitive mini leagues got a bit too competitive and aren’t happening this year. I’ve been in Thailand since August as well so only half looking and still recovering from Celtic beating the Huns on Sunday.

Will be back next week though so expect normal service to be resumed. Mark me down as top by late October.

Kind regards


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Oh, hello. After a krap start…

Gameweek 5 - The fall and fall of @Tokyo-Saint

yeah yeah, someone has been blowing their own trumpet so Well Done to @Polski_Filip for wining this Game Week with a humbling 62 points.

@Tokyo-Saint continues his apathy and comes bottom of the pile with only 31 points scored.

Overall @WorzelScummage continues his climb and now sits pretty at the top of the pile. @Bucks is still bottom although I’m sure he’ll soon overtake me.

Completely missing week one has not helped me…

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25 points off top. I’ll still be there by late October. My decision to take Richarlison out for Bruno last week could also see be hitting bottom spot by that time as well.

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Gameweek 6 - Ton Up in Chertsey

Good week for @WorzelScummage, 101 points and no wildcards played, the maximum score for any one player was 14 points (Mitoma of Brighton), Haaland was Captain and only scored 12 points.

This sees him stretch his lead at the top of the table to 48 points.

2nd best this week, with 80 points, was @SaintInSaffa, again none of his players scored massive points but they all scored decent points.

@Bucks bottom of the gameweek with 47 which cements his place at the bottom

Gameweek 7 - There Is Hope (See What I Did There?)

Yay, go me, somehow I managed to score 73 points and win this Gameweek, so take the L sign the rest of you. 8 points clear of @TheMightyOstrich too. Some may call that a spanking of NZ v Eng proportions…

Bottom this week, again, is @Bucks with 30 points, that less than ½ of what I scored! Did I say that I won this gameweek??

@WorzelScummage remains top, @Bucks remains bottom.

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GameWeek 11 - Sorry for the Lack of Updates

but I am essentially lazy, shit week for everyone this week, top score was @SaintInSaffa with 37!!

@WorzelScummage still leads but @Tokyo-Saint is catching, @Bucks is still plumb last.

Consistency is a skill.

How did i get 28 points?

Gameweek 12 - @Bucks bucks his Ideas Up

Both @Shroppie and @Bucks had good weeks before the international break, both scoring 94 points, 4 points clear of @Polski_Filip .

@TheMightyOstrich comes plum last with 41 points

@WorzelScummage is still maintaining his top spot, but the gap to @Tokyo-Saint in 2nd is very much reduced.

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Gameweek 13 - @Shroppie at the top again

@Shroppie has his 2nd good gameweek, topping the points table this week with 60 points. 5 points clears if @Tokyo-Saint.

@TheMightyOstrich low scores this week with only 33 points, 4 points less than myself.

This all means that the leaderboard remains the same, albeit with @Tokyo-Saint getting closer to @WorzelScummage and @Bucks moving 16 points closer to @TheMightyOstrich at the bottom.

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Gameweek 14 - 3rd Week at the Summit for @Shroppie

Well, well, @Shroppie weighs in with another 75 points to take him to the top of this GamWeek’s table. 7 points clear of @TheMightyOstrich and 10points clear of overall leader @WorzelScummage.

@WorzelScummage himself was 11 points clear of the advancing @Tokyo-Saint so stretches his lead out at the top.

@Bucks returns to form and sits at the bottom of the Gameweek and the bottom of the table overall, now 55 points adrift.

Midweek games so make sure your teams are up to date

Gameweek 15 - Well That Was Close

All of us were very close this week, top and bottom separated by only 12 points. The only person to break 40 points being @Bucks with a mahoosive 42 points, good choice to make Virgil captain there

My 31 points was poor but was poored (is that the opposite of bettered) by @Polski_Filip’s meagre 30 points

Oh well, onwards and upwards

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30 points scored
20 points on the bench.

Haaland as my Captain, didn’t play, Martinez as my Vice captain, scored 10 points before being doubled.