:saints: Fan feedback

For information, the club are holding a fans feedback session on Thursday (by invitation) covering retail vouchers and stock, ST refunds, fans returning to the stadium and pay per view.

If I get a chance, I’ll also ask their stance on the restructuring proposed by Man U and Liverpool.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My first refund came with no problems

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How long after the game?

5th Oct. Game was 20th Sept

Why can’t they cancel the season tickets, refund the whole lot and when the season starts when fans can go back you’ll pay the pro rata amount?

You’re definitely not an armchair fan, are you Barry? :smiley:

I think most fans would be pretty miffed at their season ticket, which let’s not forget is fucking difficult to get at some clubs, was suddenly cancelled.

Might knock their cash flow?


Why? They’d have the right to retain and renew before anyone else, a record of initial purchase is all you need, its not rocket science, that money is needed I’d say in fans pockets in bulk more than the clubs.
Are you soft?

Do you understand the meaning of the word “cancel”? :wink:

Fuck the cash flow if there are no games for the long term the money has to be given back to the people if they want it, they’re quick enough to fucking take it aren’t they?

Yes I do.

Is there any topic that doesn’t provoke a Barry meltdown? :rofl::rofl:


I’ve always assumed that every thing he does in his domestic life gets ridiculed and criticised and this is him lashing out.

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can’t think of one

I’d say that’s bang on the money to be honest.


Can’t think of many.

And as today is only Monday you’d better hold on to your hat for a wild ride this week :wink:

You trying to pick a fight by agreeing when I said you never do?

I was replying to Lets B Drinking.

Fair enough. Didn’t get that without the quoty thing.

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