I had a link on my email to Facebook to a positive news story.

The comments are quite sickenng and a little depressing


They are sad, people have had enough but that doesn’t and will not excuse people trying to do good things, as I have said all along, women, children and gays should be brought in straight away and as many as we can take, after that no more and men join the queue.


I don’t use Facebook, but had an email message asking me to wish someone a happy brthday. The comments of people are fucking awful.


Sadly it shows what utter ignorant cunts there are in this world… judging by the fact that some don’t seem to be able to write a coherent sentance, its not surprizing though… What is, the viciousness of some of the responses given the context of the story… a simple act of kindness… Seems to me that more folks seem prepared to air their idiocy in recent months…


It’s a great way to cull your ‘friends’ list.

Anyone posting dodgy political links or making comments like that is, as they say in social media land, history.

You learn a lot about people when they think that being behind a keyboard gives them freedom to express their true thoughts.


"Gave up " Facebook last year. can honestly say that living without constant updates of “friends” gastronomic exploits or their own little Dougie Howsers acheivements has been a joy


I use FB to network with my friends and aquaintances in my hobby and general interests. I don’t do outside news feeds etc because that lays you open to the “Ugly Great Unwashed” as you can see in the link provided.

FB is whatever you make it…you do have control in who and what you let in if you know how to use it properly. However most people don’t know how to tailor it to their needs.