I have a mate who is deleting himself from Facebook.

Facebook is in the news and possibly caused the death of your Maternal Grandmother. Also it is possibly guilty of ruining your life and aborting your doomed children.



My Nan died in 1984 aged 97.

What can I sue Zuckerbugger(?) for?


All of it.


I think I poked her


Is that in poor taste? I can’t decide. Oh well, it’s posted now. At least it’s not anti Semitic.


She wasn’t a Jew was she?


You have a whole world of leeway.


I deleted myself from Facebook 7 years ago, i haven’t missed it.


Have never had an account…


I hate Facebook, but I couldn’t be without it. I’m not much of a conversationalist so it keeps me up to date with friends and family in the UK in between visits.


If you have a hobbies it’s good for networking. If you have a family it’s good for keeping in touch.

I haven’t had adverts on my FB page for about 8 years as I have a free Ap that allows you to tailor the appearance of your FB page. It’s long been known that you shouldn’t do the innane FB quiz pages…they are “play school easy” and farm your profile information.

As long as you’re Inernet savvy it’s fine…if you’re not stay away from it.


Had a few myself, both hairy and bald. Oh sorry, must remember to put my glasses on next time … :see_no_evil:

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With friends and family all over the world it is a God send.

I limit my friends to actual friends but because we have a different understand g of the internet I am careful what I post or say. Mainly life is fun or positive waves or funny shit.

Really useful when you have new arrivals or illness in the family. Much easier than instagram

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And no I have NEVER done one of those surveys. Can’ believe people are that gullible



If the education systems of the world are so bad that they cannot teach people how to find information then the planet deserves Fox News et Al.


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