🏆 FA Cup 4th Round Replay - :tottenhamfc: Tottenham v Saints :saints: (Live on BT Sport 1)

4th round replay :tottenhamfc: v :saints: at White Hart Lane The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Fixture may move for TV

  • :tottenhamfc: 0 - 0 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 1 - 0 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 2 - 0 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 3 - 0 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 0 - 1 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 1 - 1 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 2 - 1 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 3 - 1 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 0 - 2 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 1 - 2 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 2 - 2 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 3 - 2 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 0 - 3 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 1 - 3 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 2 - 3 :saints:
  • :tottenhamfc: 3 - 3 :saints:
  • :saints: to win, don’t care what the score is
  • :tottenhamfc: will win, who cares by how many
  • a draw of some sort…

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Ah…where is the new Tottenham Stadium?

782 High Rd, Tottenham, London N17 0BX

Or were you being slightly pedantic??

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Reckon the BBC may pick that up. Hopefully not the tossers at BT Sport, though.

Liverhampton vs Shrewsbury would probably be the replay of choice for the channels to fight over.

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Who ME? :lou_lol:

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And the prize for winning this tie will be a home match against :norwichcityfc:

The draw was very dramatic (sort of).

We were the fourth to last team to be drawn and Portsmouth were still to be drawn too.

Had visions of thrashing them again - subject to the little matter of beating Tottenham first.

You, sirrah, are the embodiment of Bletch’s favourite drunk word.

Actually, you’re not, I can’t stay mad at you for long…

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Well, I do my best but my inherent niceness just out-nicesses my cuntishness. :lou_lol:

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Score prediction poll added to the OP, have at it you predictable buggers…

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The game is being shown on BT and James BT scored the 4th when we beat them to go on to the final in 2003 … its an omen I’ll tell thee!!


2-0 Spurs.
We’ve stopped being Saints fans and got all cocky, expecting to win at scousehampton, moaning about missing out on playing the skates and an easy draw against naarwitch.

2-0 because Ings won’t score another goal all season. His run is over, his mojo is no m ore. He’s done enough to get into the next England squad and that’ll do for fate even though he will shane long himself into the ground every week.

We won’t win again until Armstrong is back. Simples

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Armstrong is a miss, but look on the bright side, i’ll be there :grin:

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As will I be. What can go wrong?

Taking a hip flask :lou_facepalm_2:
If you get time before the game for a pint, let me know.

Meeting with others at the Pembury, close to Hackney Downs station.


Mountains day with an overnight.
A consulting conference call from 7 until 8 local time then a 2km walk to the centre to try & find a sports bar showing the game.
Otherwise its Solent.
I’ll only get depressed then eat gargantuan pickles if I go out…