FA Cup 3rd round - Saints vs Crystal Palace - match thread

Fuck it, it’s Thursday evening. This has to be done, we all know that. So it might as well be me that does it.

I’m thinking we’ll play as full-strength a team as we can. I’m also thinking that Palace will likely do much the same - Pardew likes cup football, as we know.

Ever the optimist, I’m going for a Saints win. It’s the FA Cup. We’ll win.

It also strikes me that I haven’t even got a ticket yet - must check if any are available. Delay because Mrs Fowllyd thought she might fancy coming along (not least because she also fancies Graziano Pelle - but then what the fuck, who doesn’t?). But she can’t make it after all. So I’ll be there if tickets are available.

Maybe I should also start a pre-match drinks thread, just to get the set.


I don’t think Pelle is available Fowllyd, so she saved a trip!

That said, VVD is always worth the effort.

let’s hope we can scrape through this one and pick up some form for the next round. I really hope we make it through, as I really want silverware badly!

:lou_surprised: Brave move there Fowllyd… very brave.

Rescued from betwixt the pocket lint tumbleweeds of optimus trousers. I’ll just pop these here:

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40 years ago.

Oh Lord we are getting OLD


Lawrie looking good for 80.

I was too young in 76 but used to watch the final at least a couple of times a year. Always shed a tear.

Quite mad for this afternoon now.

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Nothing better than a good cup run … COYS

3 shots, all off target.

Originally posted by @Sfcsim

3 shots, all off target.

Great, we need the full backs to push up

Why are we so fucking shit?

Originally posted by @TheCholulaKid

Quite mad for this afternoon now.

Madness diminished

I am very concerned for this season, we are playing with no heart or determination, Koeman has to sort it el fucking pronto as he is losing the team, this is a very worrying patch we’re on, its relegation form deffo.

I watch a lot of my games on sky bet, exciting I know, but I see a pattern.

Soton - dangerous attack - shot wide

Soton - dangerous attack - shot wide

Soton - dangerous attack - shot wide

Oppo - dangerous attack - GOAL

Soton - dangerous attack - shot wide

Soton dangerous attack - shot wide

Oppo dangerous attack - GOAL

We are set up wrong. When Bolasie and Saha are playing, fine, go 5 at the back. But today? Not for me. Get Tadic on for Yoshi. We are fucking boring to watch at the moment.


5 at the back at home … come Saints shake it up!!

I saw this as well. Not a great set up and even worse at home. Not sure if RK needs to just go back to basics. We players who can create. We do not seem to have them on the pitch, no flair!

Saying this we are the better team.

Woohoo and level, get in!

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You can always spot a troll on forums, they pop up as soon as things go wrong. When things get a little better, NO posts. If we go behind they will be back.

Lit still gets me that more members posts as soon as we go behind, rather than when we take the lead or get level.

Steange breeds.