🏆 ⚽ FA Cup 3rd Rd 2023 - :crystalpalacefc: Crystal Palace v Saints :saints:

We’ve got fucking Palace away.

  • So Long and Thanks for all the fish, :saints: to not even turn up.
  • :crystalpalacefc: a walk in the park for CPFC, a win without breaking sweat.
  • who cares, really, who does?

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Do I not like that. :rage:

Get a grip…if we’re going to Wemberlee we’ll have to beat stronger sides than Palarse on the way. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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You really want us to go out in this round don’t you.

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In my lifetime.

1965 4th rd. Lost.
1973 3rd rd. Lost.
1976. S/F. Won.
2015. 4th rd. Lost.
2016. 3rd rd. Lost.

Can we play it at Stamford Bridge? Please??

I didn’t say “we are going”, I said “if we’re going” so the individual has to make up their mind.
If you look back at the Saints game threads you’ll notice I never predict the game’s outcome.


We get some exciting draws don’t we. I feel the magic of the FA Cup.

Hostage to fortune, eh? :grin:

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Yes, aren’t we all he said philosophically.

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When it comes to the Saints mate, the only philosophy you need is Stoicism.


We should all give thanks to ITV for ensuring we can have our customary dose of Man Utd in the FA Cup, at home to Everton. Cancel all your plans for Friday 6th January.

Needless to say, we aren’t on, so I expect to meet up with several of you in a London boozer tbc.

Good luck if going by train. Think it’s a strike day….

National Express are comfy these days

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"Margaret Thatcher once said anyone on a bus over the age of 25 is a failure,”

Jeremy Corbyn, [25 April 2019]

A quote I use regularly :wink:

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Tbh 5 quid from Victoria to Southampton in this day and age is worth being a nobody for


Fucking hell!

Does that mean it’s on the telly box?

Don’t be daft.


Should be interesting as the Skates fans travel to London for a 12:30 kick off as well. Waterloo will be interesting after the game.

Not really thought this one through very well.

Not particularly. There’s a train strike.