🖕 ⚽ F**K OFF, Premier League

The cunts are making all the non TV games PPV. Shame they wasted over a billion on transfers.


Avaricious bunch of cunts.

With no thought of season ticket holders who have stumped up either. Its not rocket science you idiots

Though to be fair at least we can get to see all the games on a good site rather than dodgy quality streams…

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Brilliant and sensible idea.
Football fans pay over £30 for a ticket, spend huge sums on beers, burgers & kebabs, not to mention a fortune on long distance travel.
£14.95 is nothing to them.

Said an Accountant.


Not sure about this. On the one hand, we’re in a pandemic and it’s nice to be able to see these games. On the other, you’ve got to be wary.

The Italian League games were not sold as a package to TV companies. Each club was able to basically show every game on their own channel. It killed attendances, especially on Cup games.


However… surely this will (as per usual) benefit the big clubs and the wallets of their fans?

Unless I’ve misunderstood (I skimmed), during regular scheduling Saints are one of the least frequently televised clubs. Whereas Liverpool et all are on BT or Sky most weeks.

So our fans will have to pay £15 on top of their subscriptions but the big clubs fans won’t anywhere near as often.

Or am I a cunt?


Both can be true :wink:


Tough one.
Moans on Twitter live TV never show many of our away games how can fans watch?
Well, at many grounds we only get 2 or 3.000 tickets…
OK home games about 26,000 cant watch.
But many more of us did watch.

It’s a PR Disaster for sure and yes we had a few weeks of SOME games being free to watch but some of the rants on Twitter need a dose of perspective.

Stupid decision and you just kick the family out & invite 5 mates round & share the cost.
Until Half Term when you’ll go full lockdown again

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Well aside from the BBC game, none of them were free (licence fee aside). You’ve still got to pay for your sky and BT subscriptions.

If it was agreed that every team gets equal air time on the normal platforms and equal PPV then fair enough. But it won’t be for obvious reasons.


The first PPV game is Chelsea v Saints next weekend.

There were other free ones previously - were shown on amazon (had to login, but no cost) and Sky pick (Freeview channel)

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Wonder what the cost is for a Pub to show the game?
Until they get closed again

He is a nob, but he calls this as it is

Guess there will be a lot of screens showing either a different game or something completely different.

A lot of people will be signing up to IPTV soon I guess, they’ll have to be quick as its my understanding they’re getting fussy as they don’t want to be grassed up.

Always a bit wary of a first name as a last name.

It’s like women in America with a city as a last name.

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No shit Sherlock…

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The fans were getting to illegal streams anyway. What will change is that all games will be available on these streams.

Seriously, anything out on a streaming platform is out immediately on torrent, “protected” or not.

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Every game is always shown live thanks to the International Rights deal.
The only difference with PPV is that fans will be able to listen to their favourite Sky/BT Pundits instead of watching CNBC, DAZN, BeIn Sports, Supersport, ESPN Mexico etc.