Explosions at the Manchester Evening News Arena

Breaking, so no-one knows exactly what it is yet.


Fatalities confirmed according to police. Still no confirmation as to cause.

Initially ignored this as I thought it would be just some typical Manc mischief-makers with firecrackers or some such bollocks.

Unpleasantly staggered when I checked the news just now. Sickening. Literally targeting what is (obviously not trying to get into any sort of musical debate here), effectively a children’s event.


19 people killed and 50 injured. Unconfirmed but thought to be suicide bomber. Just beyond words.

What a bunch of cunts,

It was an Ariana Grande concert. This was targeting kids. Fucking kids. Sick bastards.

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This is beyond any attack we’ve seen, targeting fucking children. Lost for words as to why someone would do that.

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22 dead. Sick sick sick.

Targeting kids ffs.

Did the security assume that terrorists don’t consider kids a target? My immediate question is what security checks were in place?

It’ll be interesting to know whether a youth was used for it…surprised it wasn’t picked up though, at a lot of venues you have to go through metal detectors etc.

Edit: Looks like it was an adult male.

I’ve read it was at the end of the concert when people were streaming out. It’s possible someone decided to take that opportunity to get into the foyer. With so many people about it may have been easier to sneak by security.

Appalling attack.

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FFS :lou_sad:

Bearsy can you delete your post please?

Fuck me, you’d think a pop concert aimed primarily at youngsters would be safe as houses. It seems nowhere is safe from the demented wankers who carry out this sort of atrocity.

So sad to read of people being murdered when they should be having a good time.

_You’ve picked the wrong city if you think hate will tear us apart. _



sure if it bothers you bud, it weren’t sposed to be an offence.

Edit: When ppl read this thread in future their gonna think i posted something Awful :lou_sad:

Unfortunately that issue would never enter their minds.

Sadly, being Young is no protection, it hasn’t in the past stopped “targetting errors” meaning that Muslim Schools have been hit by so called Civilised Forces.

Such sad news to wake up to and so many knee jerk reactions and poor taste tweets to read - unfortunately - again

You can’t make light of this and yes I am offended, children are dead for fucks sake.

Don’t start that reasoning.