:pl: :evertonfc: Everton v Saints :saints: (Live on Amazon)

:evertonfc: v :saints:

So, can Saints actually win at Goodison park for the first time for a long time, away form and the recent results against Citeh suggest we can but it’s the hope that kills you

  • :evertonfc: 0-0 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 1-0 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 2-0 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 3-0 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 0-1 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 1-1 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 2-1 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 3-1 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 0-2 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 1-2 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 2-2 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 3-2 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 0-3 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 1-3 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 2-3 :saints:
  • :evertonfc: 3-3 :saints:
  • a :saints: win will be most welcome and, by eck, that is what is going to happen
  • a draw of some sort, seriously this is Goodison park :saints: never win there
  • :evertonfc: are going win, it’s that simple.

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This one might be more difficult than usual. You can normally count on either toxic or disinterested fans at Goodison these days.

The bogey team, as they used to be called.

Oh, this is free on Amazon Prime, no need to be a subscriber or take a free trial…

Their recovery time is shorter.
Hopefully some pick up knocks.
Mind you our lot are probably still empty husks after yesterday

We have a terrible record at Goodison Park. I remember us winning there for the first time in god knows how many years when Davies scored back around 97 and made my only trip to Goodison. Then since then I cannot remember winning again.

Yep we have won twice since 1973/74 at Goodison Park. 0-1 91/92 and 0-2 97/98.

So if they score we are screwed, as we have never won at Goodison Park when they have scored.


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Now will be the time to do it and it will also put us above them in the table as my bet with a bluenose is whoever finishes lower pays 50 quid to a charity of the others choosing so @Goatboy charity will be in the lead


It was 97/98, I think. @Stuski and I watched that game in the Shiel Park Tavern.

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Dear Saints. Wear the new shirts!

This game has suddenly taken on new meaning as the battle for 11th. Tense times.


We will get nowt tonight.
Lawrence thinks it will be 1-1…

1-2 Saints

Why the vote closed 2 days ago? @BTripz?

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'Cos the service has gone rapidly down hill since Rev Bletch went under the knife. All we wanted was a working forum and he’s dashed our hopes in the quest for a 12" schlong …


Such a shame that Deputy Fatso flounced off in a huff and threw his cards in. Its the same old story, give a man a fancy title and the key to the executive toilet and that naked ambition comes to the fore.


It is isn’t it, left to simpletons like me to try and correct their own mistakes. Unfortunately you can’t edit a poll 5 minutes after creating it but I found a workaround.

However in applying the workaround I reset all the poll data so now you don’t know how people had voted. I do as I exported the data before I changed it, now I’m not going to go around and impersonate you so that I can the votes back so you’re going to have to live with it.

In future I promise to be more careful when creating polls…

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Sadly that was all double Dutch to me, if you look up the word luddite in encyclopedia brittanica there’s a picture of me there. A workaround? In my day that meant something totally different to what I think you are talking about, we used to call it ‘a trip around the world’.

Long story short, I fucked up, I tried to correct my fuck up and fucked it up even more.

Lessons have a been learnt.

50s slang is so cute…

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I’m good at setting up Poles and Polls.
You only had to ask…