:evertonfc: Everton v Saints :saints: (League Cup)

:evertonfc: v :saints:

It’s :evertonfc:, it’s Goodison. :darkside: will have us in full meltdown mode (if they don’t already)

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We’ll get fucked over, we’re shite.

@Barry-Sanchez I thought we we had that convesation yesterday it is not the players fault.
I understand you can walk 500 yards up the road and inform the Blue Few that its not required. But please shut the fuck up .

Who’s fault is it?

Don’t agree, your team is looking. Good.

In fact I could even see Liverpool winning the league for you.

My team, Southampton, look pretty strong against teams that match our formation of 4-4-? but we seem to struggle when teams get in between our lines and stretch us.

Everton are struggling the find their form so I could see us causing them some problems but could also see us beaten.



Thats not the reality though is it?

We’re still struggling to score and create, we have a lack of pace and heart, we have a woeful home record, the atmosphere (appears) to be shite, the fireworks are embarrassing and shows how far the club is actually out of step with genuine football fans.
5 points out of 6 games is worse than last year at this stage, that is the reality.

Quiet Barry, you closet Red :laughing:

Liverpool struggling to score. What the fuck?

You’re having a great start to the season.

My team, Southampton, is doing much better than last year. Still not scoring enough for my liking but we’re heading in the right direction.

You should be glad you don’t support Southampton, it’s tough but you have to dig in and double down, look for positives, get to the odd game and cheer them on - or at least offer constructive criticism.


You’re the closet red, ha ha I’ve never been called that before, I laugh at their failure, I don’t at ours.

The reality is we’re worse off than we were last season.

Worse off points wise, yes, worse off playing and team wise, we’re not, we’re really not.


That counts for little really, we’re comparing shite for shite, its been shite for 3 years now, how much more shite is allowed before shiting deserved relegation.

It counts for a hell of a lot, if you go to games.

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So we can only comment on the games we go to?

If you can remember back to games you have been to, you might recall that you see a hell of a lot more of how a team plays than any TV coverage gives you. That’s even if you stay glued to the screen throughout every minute (not many do that, me included)

I can not genuinely remember the last back to back games I went to but that does not discount how shite we’ve been for the last 3 years.

You don’t appear to have understood my meaning.
This season is a world away from last.

No its a season, reality SOS.

Surely that was the Halton No Lube Double Ended Dildo Weekender?