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Got back from the pub last night in time to see the voting sequence. Since when has Australia been part of Europe (okay, I know we colonised it but that was before even my time)? Also what a crap song that was that won it. I thought our entry wasnt too bad for a change in a Eurovision kind of way but we ended up in the relegation zone.


Made the right call to go to the boozer early last night.


I’ve just read on Facebook that Australia were in the competition. I just assumed the person had misspelt Austria. What’s the justification for Australia being party of Eurovision?


I think if Australia won, it would have summed up the whole things for me. Farce!

I wanted Georgia to win as they were the only one that sounded different to all th other songs, a little bit of rock in there. I was really angry that Oz were top, but that could have been the 4 bottles of Ale that I had!


Also the public and the jury were so different. Poland were bottom with the jury and I think got the 4th higest score from the public vote.

I think Europe hate the UK, so that it, we should get out of Europe and perhaps they will start liking us again, like back in the good olde days!!


I would like to point out that Israel is also not in Europe!


Who won then ?


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Who won then ?

Ukraine! with a kind of peace song?!


So Russia are kicking off saying that the voting was politically motivated.






I used to watch Eurovision a lot. A few drinks with my friends watching was quite amusing. But I am no longer interested. I don’t think I can sit through so many tedious hours. Seems a waste now.


And people ask why I chose to leave home & come here.

Will never be shown thanks to Israel having been in it thank Allah, Buddha & The Big Man with a remote control upstairs


We’ll only go and win it because we’ll already not be able to afford to host it after Brexit. Who said Johnny Foreigner has no sense of humour?



Should have been this: