🎤 🇪🇺 Eurovision 2023 Match Days Thread

Well I found a live stream in HD where the translator doesn’t drown out the commentary.

Brilliant to see Hannah Waddingham getting the respect she deserves for her ownership of AFC Richmond.

Denmark were repetitive Armenia is a mess but would like to see more of the artiste

I think Estonia was very good
Or something
The mix isn’t great on the sound tbh

Ooh Belgium that was camp classic Disco so nul points

Oooh @Shroppie must be feeling the vibe/energy as Iceland hit the stage!
She wins. Sod the music

Mrs P_F says Polish song is bloody brilliant and a huge hit on the radio already
But sounds shit on the Telly
That is such “Polish Festival” she would be great without the idiot bad dancers

“For the first time I don’t have to feel ashamed, thank you Bianca” says Mrs P_F

That’ll be nul points then

Damn that Lithuanian gal can belt out a tune superb performance

Oh FFS the Aussies have a banging tune (another nul points)

So to vote it costs $1
So I liked the Belgian song but I’m on sick pay so fvck that

It has now gone full woke

I really cannot comment I assume Budweiser sales will be down again

I’d be fine with it IF they could sing

Estonia are in. Cyprus were dramatic and are in Aln=bania sang about losing all their crooks on boats and being happy and are in
Oh Belgium banging Disco tune is in
Austria makes it as all of Europe can’t differentiate between them and Australia
Great voice, hot chick from Lithuania gets through

As did the Aussies with a banging tune tbh
And smoking hot Brunette from Armenia gets in
Who is the last song?
Slovenia make the last spot one of the only hme lingo songs

Thank fuck I bought some pierogi as part of the smorgasbord of Euro food I’ve been dragooned into preparing for Mrs C_S and Fam to eat while I go watch something more interesting instead :wink:

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You’re just non Gen Z thank fook

But Eurovision has always been around since I was a nipper - & has never held any appeal to me :man_shrugging:


She didn’t qualify.:frowning:

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Pos Country Artist Song
1. :austria: Austria Teya & Salena Who The Hell Is Edgar?
2. :portugal: Portugal Mimicat Ai Coração
3. :switzerland: Switzerland Remo Forrer Watergun
4. :poland: Poland Blanka Solo
5. :serbia: Serbia Luke Black Samo Mi Se Spava
6. :fr: France La Zarra Évidemment
7. :cyprus: Cyprus Andrew Lambrou Break A Broken Heart
8. :es: Spain Blanca Paloma Eaea
9. :sweden: Sweden Loreen Tattoo
10. :albania: Albania Albina & Familja Kelmendi Duje
11. :it: Italy Marco Mengoni Due Vite
12. :estonia: Estonia Alika Bridges
13. :finland: Finland Käärijä Cha Cha Cha
14. :czech_republic: Czechia Vesna My Sister’s Crown
15. :australia: Australia Voyager Promise
16. :belgium: Belgium Gustaph Because Of You
17. :armenia: Armenia Brunette Future Lover
18. :moldova: Moldova Pasha Parfeni Soarele şi Luna
19. :ukraine: Ukraine TVORCHI Heart of Steel
20. :norway: Norway Alessandra Queen of Kings
21. :de: Germany Lord of the Lost Blood & Glitter
22. :lithuania: Lithuania Monika Linkytė Stay
23. :israel: Israel Noa Kirel Unicorn
24. :slovenia: Slovenia Joker Out Carpe Diem
25. :croatia: Croatia Let 3 Mama ŠČ!
26. :uk: United Kingdom Mae Muller I Wrote A Song

Who’s Going to Win Eurovision 2023
  • :austria: Austria
  • :portugal: Portugal
  • :switzerland: Switzerland
  • :poland: Poland
  • :serbia: Serbia
  • :fr: France
  • :cyprus: Cyprus
  • :es: Spain
  • :sweden: Sweden
  • :albania: Albania
  • :it: Italy
  • :estonia: Estonia
  • :finland: Finland
  • :czech_republic: Czech Republic
  • :australia: Australia
  • :belgium: Belgium
  • :armenia: Armenia
  • :moldova: Moldova
  • :ukraine: Ukraine
  • :norway: Norway
  • :de: Germany
  • :lithuania: Lithuania
  • :israel: Israel
  • :slovenia: Slovenia
  • :croatia: Croatia
  • :uk: United Kingdom

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Not UK

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And not Poland!

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BTW who is Mae Muller?..sounds like a Bavaria mud wrestler. @scotty will supply the pictures no doubt.

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I have some Muller’s as Cousins but don’t recall that name and mine live in Hamburg not Bavaria.

Mud wrestling may be on the table though :slight_smile:

I remember Mitzi Muller…

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I do as well