🇪🇺 European Parliament Elections 2019





I think we can safely ignore anybody quoting buzzfeed as a source.



Most are avoiding CHUK UP.

Their polling is fucking pitiful.



I do wish people would stop (not on here) conflating European elections with Parliamentary elections.

The number of posts I’ve seen slagging off the Brexit Party because they have no policies on housing, welfare etc. etc. etc.

For the European Elections you don’t need policies, you just need to rubber stamp what the Diktat has dictated.



Precisely, which is why no-one should have any compunction about voting for the Brexit Party in these elections.

The posts up for grabs were previously meaningless, conveying no real power. You can register a protest vote knowing full well it’ll give no legislative power to Nigel and his cronies.



It’ll get the cunt on TV more(if that’s possible) and it’s a racist vote. Why not just vote green and not be on first name terms with Farage :wink:

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I think this might be a hold your nose vote

It is an opportunity to send those wankers in Westminster a message

It is also an opportunity to get rid of May

So for the first time ever I will be going off piste



Saying it is a racist vote is no different to saying a Labour vote is anti Semite

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Problem is that many folks voted Brexit did so as you have said, without being a supporter of that bigoted cunt Farage… and he knew it despite his shameless brass neck…

By voting for his new Party en Mass he will take that as a mandate of him and his hideous policy - he is that much of a cunt.

Only the Lib Dem’s and SNP + Welsh mob auto correct went ducked when trying to spell plai… ) are a vote for clear remain so anyone else would do if wanting to protest against May… but Farage is cunt end - he has already demanded his Party be involved in Brexit negotiations if they do well despite their being no democratic right or principles to support such involvement - yet he has the brass neck to go one about democracy…

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Yeah, that whole racist thing really worked out for you in 2016.

Not a million miles from calling people Nazis if you don’t agree with them, but just as pointless and counterproductive.

Seeing as you’re the expert, perhaps sir would like to explain why a Brexit Party vote is a racist vote, especially as the party’s raison d’etre was to replace the UKIP offering, which has become increasingly xenophobic.

Over to you, racisim detector in human form.



Debate going downhill?



It’s not really debate. It’s broad name calling, and worse, it shows that Remain have learned fuck all in the changing hearts and minds stakes in three years.

You do not change opinions with false accusations. You merely entrench them.



You’re not drawing me into the debate with that you cheeky scamp!




You replied on your own steam, mate. I think that ship has already sailed.



Not really. One was a baseless accusation, that has been thoroughly debunked for the lie it is, whilst the other is true. Any vote for the racist Farage and the bunch of shit he’s the leader of will be a vote for racism.
Remember this bloke?

Or this woman.

Can you show anyone in such important positions in the Labour Party promoting antisemitism?



I think you’re conflating two very different things there. I can find Labour MPs (MPs, mind, not fucking candidates) that support illegal wars.

Does voting Labour make me a supporter of illegal wars?

Similarly, does voting Liberal Democrats make someone a nonce? Cyril Smith, init?

Do you see how fucking stupid your line of argument is yet, or do we need more examples?



You appear to have the wrong person, i didn’t vote in the referendum and have pointed out multiple times that i don’t give a shit whether we’re in or out. My only concern is how it’s all done.

People that act like nazis get called such. You’ll have to more specific if you want to make a point. Do you mean this man?

Replaced with and led by racists. It’s been known about Farage for years and years. Haven’t you heard?



No, fucking stupid would be defending known racists. It’s a party led by out and out racists. Open your fucking eyes, it’s right in front of you.
A vote for these scum is condoning racists.



Fucking stupid is repeatedly stating a viewpoint as if it were true, with no evidence.

Let’s have some evidence of the Brexit Party being led by out and out racists. Start with Farage.

What has he done that is out and out racist?



You don’t think they/him are racist?
I’ll leave you to it, as you seem to be as confused about this as you were on my choice in 2016.