🇪🇺 European Parliament Elections 2019

I know we’ve got a separate thread for the Deal or No Deal aspect of Brexit, but we don’t presently have a thread for this set of upcoming elections, and we usually do.

Consider that rectified, and consider this as a place to discuss the election, the runners and riders, predicted outcomes and your own voting intentions.

We’ll start with a super-secret poll on voting intention.

  • Conservatives
  • Labour
  • Liberal Democrats
  • UKIP
  • The Brexit Party
  • The Green Party
  • Change UK

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None of the above.
Next question?

  • none of the above?

I was going to say @Pap dear chap, we need a “buggered if I’m going to vote” option!!

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Brexit Party, Farage is a cunt but so are all the others stalling and denying democracy.

Someone voted for Nige?

Haven’t seen who is standing in my area, so I will not be answering the poll just yet. It won’t be Farage though.

Well this is the ULTIMATE protest vote, a free hit or I hope it is hence me voters for the cunts, they’ll create chaos in Brussels ha ha, there’ll be loads of the feral bells smashing liberals on their own gravy (vegetarian option), it’ll be great!

You don’t really vote for individuals in this one, guv.

Each party puts forward a list of ranked candidates in each area.

For the sake of explanation and simplicity, let’s say an area has 10 MEP slots up for grabs.

Each party would therefore put 10 candidates down, in the order they’d like them elected.

In that scenario, if a party gets 10% of the vote for the region, the first candidate on its list is elected. If it gets 20%, it gets the first two out of its candidates elected.

If you want to know who you’re likely to elect, check the order of the lists.

Mrs C_S had a personally addressed leaflet from the Brexit Party

Young Adult #2 asked if it was intentional to quote stats apparently from April Fools Day…

I know Pap, just haven’t seen the list yet.

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Probably Greens or Lib Dem’s then. Labour is a busted flush I think.

Certainly not worth voting for on Europe while Keir Starmer has anything to do with European policy.

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You should tell Young Adult #2 to check those facts. The 92 percent one is the dodgiest. It’s undoubtedly based on a sample frame that comes nowhere close to 33m.

The rest of those figures come from votes or declarations from MPs

You can inform Young Adult #2 that they are true and verifiable any day of the year

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I think he just thought it was funny tbf - he’s more bothered about A level revision so it was a bit of harmless diversion. He has developed a healthy scepticism of all politicians so we are moderately proud of him at this stage…


My partner got the Brexit leaflet, I got the Lib Dem both addressed to us. Green and Change UK were just posted through letter box.
It’s a tricky one isn’t it. Though never in a billion years will I vote for Farage.


Thought this was particularly clever, grown up and witty :rofl:

Rupert Lowe standing in the Midlands, wtf?? :open_mouth::open_mouth:

where’s the not allowed to vote button?