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Turgid start from England
An awful VAR against Rico Lewis
39m on the clock of utter shit
Penalty to come
Pickford saves
Rebound put in

VAR decision was a total joke

OK, got it.
The Maguire fvck up was clearly a penalty he took tge striker out by clumsily falling into him.
The Lewis thing just balanced it up.

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Grealish puts it in

3 mins later Grealish does not score

It was a mile off and so clear how it take so long

Kane does score an assist though

Never make a sub before a corner…

Macedonia keeper palmed the ball to Grealish

“Maguire in Useless Clumsy Oaf shocker”. :unamused:

Seriously, what boils my piss is Dublin endlessly banging on about it clearly not being a foul because the striker played for it and Harry didn’t mean to fall over into him. Which is his opinion, fair enough, but five minutes before that he was saying “great play by Grealish, shields the ball, waits for the contact, goes down, wins a free kick. That’s what he does, you know as soon as he feels any contact he’ll go down and take the pressure off his team. Great play.”
In any PL game that Maguire one would have been a stone cold penalty, every single time.

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I’m disgusted at last night’s result. We only managed a poor 1-1 draw against what’s basically a third world pub team.

Makes me ashamed to be Macedonian.