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No one cares really I guess but Italy v England in now.

Englande took a 2 goal lead but Italy have got 1 back.

Now Luke Shaw had been sent off for 2 yellow cards in 54 seconds, first one for time wasting.

Fair play to Harry Kane

Just got the England all time goal record and did it with his first England Pen since fucking it up in the WC

Twat Squeelish misses a tap in for England’s third must be rated miss of the season .

England hold on to win in Italy for the first time since 1961.

Southgate’s 50th win as England manager too

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Hung on for a 2 - 1 win. Poor second half where reverted to type and repeatedly gave the ball away. Italy weren’t good enough to capitalise on 10 man England.

Is he really a “great”?

Not imho - just a goal hanger mostly, but obviously must have some talent.

Nobody would have scored the number of goals Kane has, let alone achieved the number of assists, by being mostly a goal hanger. And then there’s his all-round contribution to the team to bear in mind.

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Let’s not forget that he’s “beaten” players who had to play on worse pitches and fewer pointless games than he has had the advantage of…

Still, all hail King Harry :roll_eyes:

You may be talking about someone else I don’t recognise tbf.

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If you use this reasoning then no football record should be recognised if it was beaten in the post war era

Bobby Charlton certainly played on better pitches and had more opportunities to play internationally that those who played in the 1920s

I’m not trying to be reasonable tbf


Something that nobody on here has said. My point stands; you’ve made no attempt to address it.

Dont forget money can be made by picking big teams against little ones and body swerving England.

I didn’t say anyone had - weird you think so.

Your point? On overall performance with the team. Imho I don’t rate him - just a personal irrational prejudice…

England v Ukraine

:yawning_face: :yawning_face:

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Gave up with wonky streams when realised they could be showing it on Terrestrial for the refugees.
I was right.
Much better with Polish than Sky commentary

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is it that good

Yes now Kane has scored

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England too pedestrian

England 0-0 Ukraine

Phil McNulty
BBC Sport chief football writer at Wembley

England need to put some more tempo into their game. It has been pedestrian and tedious so far. No wonder the Wembley atmosphere is so subdued. It has been a bore.

Jeez your stream is slow

goal hanger Kane scores