:uefa_logo: ⚽ Euro 2020 - The 1/4 Final Matches

So, 1 thread, all matches as decided by a majority of 11-3 with no abstentions.

Quarter Finals

Fri 2nd July 17:00 Switzerland :switzerland: v :es: Spain St Petersburg
20:00 Belgium :belgium: v :it: Italy Munich
Sat 3rd July 17:00 Czech Republic :czech_republic: v :denmark: Denmark Baku
20:00 England :engerland: v :ukraine: Ukraine Rome

Happy to concede after extra time so that Spain can give the winner of Belgium / Italy a bastard of a game

When the youngest messages and says “you seen that article about tickets? Can you get to Munich for a road trip?”


Nah why go through all that to get heart broken

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Italian officials are warning England fans it is too late to plan a last-minute trip to Rome in time for this Saturday’s Euro 2020 quarter final against Ukraine.

Quarantine rules imposed at Italy’s border means arrivals from the UK must isolate for five days - beyond this weekend’s clash in the country’s capital.

Health secretary of the Rome region, Giuseppe D’Amato, said that the quarantine period aims to prevent further spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Italy and must be fully respected.

Tickets for the match will be available to England fans who are already in Italy - but the British Embassy in Rome is not organising ticket sales.

Under the UK’s traffic light system, Italy is currently listed as an amber country, meaning arrivals back into the UK must quarantine at home for 10 days.

I’m surprised that UEFA haven’t coerced Italy into dropping quarantine rules for English fans, like they did for other fans coming into England!!

Time to move the match to Wembley maybe??

BBC memo Sports department for future commentaries England V Germany

Dear All,

We have a major crisis due to last nights England V Germany game.

Can you please come up with ideas on how to spread fear and inferiority during live commentary that we can keep plugging on about after last nights disastrous victory by England.

Guy Mowbray is in meltdown, as he now has lost all his material that he could keep rolling out in infinitum regarding Germany’s dominance of these knock out games.

His notes on any England game are now redundant and that has now reduced his material commentary output by 95%

His only material he has left for any England games is ‘Oh no we may get penalties, and you know what that means’

I hope in this time of crisis you will be able to help with some ideas, Guy has been fretting all night as he has come up blank.

Yours Director General


A somewhat cynical take on the game from another site, but I suppose there’s a shred of truth in it.

Never thought that I would be wishing for early England injuries so that better players could come onto the pitch. There’s something I find quite dark and sociopathic about Southgate. Perhaps this is his payback for his 96 treatment. Condemning us to another dour nail biting 70 minutes of backwards-and-sideways, in the vain hope that Kane might burst into a trot, before bringing Grealish on to go forwards.

Basically, two bang-average sides, waiting to see who burst into tears first, with home advantage proving the decider.


As I was saying to an older friend the other day, it’s the modern game, you retain possession, break the opposition down etc. etc.

There’s no point going all gung-ho and continually losing possession and putting yourself under pressue.

Unfortunately football these days is more about winning and less about entertaining…

I believe that the team who win 3 consecutive games from here will be remembered as having provided unforgettable memories & entertainment to millions


They can draw 3 consecutive games and give stress to millions as well…

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Spurs fans have this problem - they have this romantic vision of how their team should play, yet they have won sweet FA.

I will not care one jot if we grind out the most turgid results, a dreary 1-0 in every round if it means we win the bastard thing. Yes, the Scots and the Welsh will crap on about us being the new Greece, but I won’t give a toss because I will be drunk. No one remembers how you play, only that you won (or lost).


There’s an element of truth in that, but when Holland lost their last final I can’t even remember who beat them, only that the Dutch played the dirtiest most cynical international I’ve ever seen.

jeez I remember them playing like wankers in a final, had to check and it was the WC in 2010 where they lost to Spain, seems like yesterday…

A large number of fouls were committed in the final match. Referee Howard Webb handed out 14 yellow cards, more than doubling the previous record for this fixture,

Dirty?..Chile vs. Italy anyone…

That’s the one. I remember a flying kung fu kick into the chest of a Spanish player that in any other game would have been a straight red, plus an absolute deluge of nasty fouls and cynical pullbacks. You can’t often say that a football team was a disgrace to their nation, but that’s what I said to my Dutch neighbours the next day.

Well, you expect it from the Italians and pretty much any South American side, don’t you. You don’t expect it from the home of Cruyff and Co.


Managed to get a ticket for the Final - now even more invested in us getting there and winning it