🚸 Epstein


What I’ve read he wasn’t on suicide watch :man_shrugging:

Still something fishy going on though


If Clinton couldn’t get a blow job quietly I am not sure he could manage murder


Despite having previously attempted suicide. That in itself sounds dodgy as fuck.


The only surprise is that he wasn’t found poisoned and Putin blamed.


tsk tsk


It’s okay, the BBC website confirms that Epstein killed himself, so no need for any further investigation.

Though their legal team might want to have a word with the newsroom.

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You will be completely insurprised that the Prison CCTV seems to have malfunctioned last night.
Buried deep in ths Fail story.
Paper sheets? How does that work as a noose?


Y’all gonna be shocked at how deep the rabbit hole goes. Alice ain’t in wonderland anymore

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Now this…


Clinton might have crept into Epstein’s cell and ‘choked’ him with the first thing that came to hand.

They should check for stains on Epstein’s overalls.

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‘‘I did not have sexual assassinations with that man’’

B. Clinton 2019


Could Epstein have brought Trump down with the truth about Maria?
It’s an old story that’s been repressed, but maybe now some answers will come out(or more people will have accidents/commit suicide).
The amount of people in public office that have a penchant for under age children is disturbing.

I think they should dig up his new Mexico farm. Might be a few skeletons there.


Never sure any of this helps nail the intended target - there is so much crap on the internet doing the rounds that it is almost impossible to identify what is fantasy, what is based on fact but the conclusion drawn are false and what is real. All it does is to enable people like trump to shout fake news at the top of his voice - and 99% of the time he has a point.

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There’s more than enough official documents available to make the Maria case important, so we need to ask why they are being buried, especially when you look at other people involved in this.

“During court-authorized wiretaps of Giordano’s phones, the FBI became aware that the mayor was paying a female Puerto Rican prostitute named Guitana (“Gigi”) Jones for sex with her 10-year old niece and 8-year old daughter”.

Giordano was the mayor at the time, so it’s worth investigating and that’s before you look at all the other names that come up again and again.
There’s nothing in the article that enable Trump to do anything except maybe go to prison, if it was investigated properly.
Or we could just follow the MSM and their Russiagate lies. They’re the people that enable Trump to scream “Fake news”.
Have a read. It’s quite disturbing and does show some dubious connections at the least.


Not being rude here but you do realize that she was taken outside of a Pizza Shop don’t you? If you don’t understand what that means, research #pizzagate


Thoroughly debunked. Christ, even Fox News have reported it as false.


Each to their own. Anthony Weiner’s laptop and Clinton and Podesta’s emails might say different


But hang on, the server containing the emails were bleached. But hang on, it’s on Wiki so it must be true :roll_eyes:


Totally different things. The Maria case was from 1993 and in Connecticut.
Does the word pizza discount it and what would that mean when you consider Russiagate? Can we denounce anything with the word Russia in it as fake?
Last question, have you read it and formed an opinion of your own?
It may well be wrong, but it does supply certain evidence to back it’s claims.