🚸 Epstein


I have a feeling this case will rumble on until Epstein is found dead in his cell.
Alleged links with Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew, Mossad, Maxwell. Will make a great book.




Thought the plea bargain very odd at the time, but not too odd when you consider the current fame and potential infamy of those in his records. As has been stated before, the links have not been thoroughly and inclusion on the list doesn’t necessarily imply anything.

Call me cynical, but I would expect the lurid details to start really coming out during the next Presidential race. The FBI have put an open call out for witnesses; they should have plenty of evidence by then, and while some of that information could be damaging to Trump, he is in the unique position where barring a leak, he can prevent that information from being disclosed.




Isn’t there a fake Tweet by Clinton saying how sad he was at Epsteins impending suicide?


There must be a few people in high places crapping themselves as to the contents of the, allegedly hundreds of photos and documents seized by the Police in the raid on Epstein’s gaff. I know it was meant as satire but the fake Clinton Tweet was probably nearer to the mark than people think.
Just when the, obviously mentally fucked up Barry George clone was sent away for eighteen years as well. Tick tock, tick tock.

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This bloke is a good follow for grubby details of this case. Prince Andrew must be thrilled with his research:





CathyTX asks “what kind of puppet?”

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I was right:





Well that is a shock.

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Hmm, never saw that coming. :crazy_face:

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It may go on a bit longer until his murder is proved a suicide.

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Retweeted by Trump:

Barry levels of deflect and distract.