🔥 💰 Energy costs

So - wtf does all the news mean?
Bills are going up by over £600 pa, there might be a £200 rebate in October (that we have to pay back!), and there is a possible £150 reduction in council tax.
Do I:

  1. Increase my direct debit by £50 per month from April?
  2. Ignore the October “rebate”
  3. Ignore the reduction to council tax, because I think it will go up, and they will say “yeh, but it would have gone up by another £150 if we hadn’t given the reduction”.

Wear more jumpers. Cook over a firepit. Eat more raw veg. Buy candles.


It means we’re going to get royally fucked in the wallets while they throw rebate-shaped sand in our eyes to distract us from the shafting.

Hope that’s helpful.


Yeh - that more or less confirms my thoughts!

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Think of the poor ducks. With bills increasing in size, will they even be aerodynamically feasible?

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It’s shit. Mine jumped to around £300 a month and will be for the foreseeable. I really don’t get energy scarcity in the UK. We’re an island… We got tides, wind, rain a bit of sun and the ability to supplement the rest with nuclear, with a view to improving renewables to the point where we don’t need the latter.

Apparently it hasn’t been windy enough so they had to use more gas :man_shrugging:t3:


Tides, man, tides!

The moon is going nowhere (relative to us)

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Think we’re lucky for the moment, our fixed dual energy tariff ends in Nov.

best turn up the heating and enjoy it now I guess…Not that Mrs C_S doesn’t have the thermostat superglued on 35c anyway :roll_eyes:

What about all that coal we’re sitting on? oh, wait :man_facepalming:

How efficient is tidal power - do we need a few or do we need to surround our island in four layers of tidal barriers to boil a kettle

It used to be ultra-reliable until that Danish cunt came along and stuck his oar in. :rage: The tide hasn’t been the same since.


Worked for Eling and Ashlett mills


The answer is nowhere near where it will be, unless we can be arsed.

Same with any technology really. The average smartphone probably has more processing power than most, if not all machines made before the turn of the century.

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More like until someone can make a fuckton of money out of it, legitimately or via governmental handouts to pals.

I have a vague memory that UK has largest wind farm in Europe (?), and more and bigger ones are planned/under construction.
Why aren’t these being advanced, and more to the point why isn’t Boris taking credit for it?
Perhaps that is to come ove the coming weeks/months.

Having worked in the power industry, Oil & gas industry.

Not a chance in hell of that happening by 2035.


Maybe because our weather doesn’t deliver the constant level of wind needed to generate the power we need at all times v the massive amount invested in building the wind turbines?

Perhaps that’s why Johnson isn’t tub thumping about our world beating wind farms. Maybe? :man_shrugging:t3:

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