🍻 End of season Beers

Last game of the season and we should be kicking on into the top half of the table :lou_wink_2:
So lets get absolutely plastered.
Venues to be arranged but Steam Town in Bishopstoke has been suggested for afters. You can obtain hot pig in there and in the Hog Shack next door.
Maybe a quick one in the South Western then get the train?
All welcome.

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I am so up for this.

Probably won’t be at the match but will definitely be there for afters.

Steam Town fast becoming my fave local pub. Getting a seat is the problem but as I won’t be at the match perhaps that’s my job.

Don’t expect me to be functioning by the time you get there, or even if you’re early for they matter.

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BTW @Goatboy, don’t forget to bring my lovely floral shirt donated by @PhilippineSaint.

I know you’ve been wearing it, you cunt.

Only on my bottom half.


As I don’t drink alcohol and I’m not keen on meat I think I’ll pass. Feel free to eat/drink my share

BTW you and I are not going to end up in The Dolphin at St Denys.

I have no idea what happened last time except for a vague memory of schnapps, being in a van, smelling quick lime and waking up at Southampton Parkway at 4am with caks on backwards.

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I am not to keen on Bletch’s meat either- quite a small portion I am lead to believe.

However… there is a slim possibility that I may be in the great smoke that week so could take a train and introduce myself to the esteemed folk that may be drinking excessive alcoholic beverages… and thus feel Comfortable disgracing myself in such company… I doubt I will get a ticket as points in the membership will be very low… but drinking is something I do


I might be tempted if the bazza will be there. Its on my bucket list to meet him. He

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Which all means I got the dose just about right.

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@Nottarf-Krap, @Map-Of-Tasmania @tigger you have to make the effort to be there.


Count me in. I’ll book the day off on the Monday and book Bishopstoke Towers (aka my mum and dad’s place) for the night. Sorted.

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Won’t Mr and Mrs Flydowl mind when we all head back to theirs with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a couple of guitars?

Guitars? some one say guitars… I live for guitars, I make guitars, I play guitars (badly)…

Does Duncan H… post on here? I have met him a couple of times…


Yep, Flyd has guitars and so do I.

I’ve never seen Flyd stroke his wood but I’m more of a three (acoustic) chords and the truth sort of a hacker. I sing too - after a fashion. Think deep baritone Nat King Cole meets Billy Bragg and you won’t be far wrong. @Goatboy is a singer too, and @pap - he should be there too.

Glad that’s agreed, so when you come down for the final game of the season make sure you bring some of those hand made guitars of yours (you should resurrect that thread BTW).

If we can drag @SO5-4BW along, we could become a Vicks Sinex and the Nasal Sprays (@Fowllyd and @SO5-4BW’s school band) tribute act.

Perhaps we could be the Decongesaints?

Fuck sake, I don’t know yet whether I’ll be working that day or not, even if I am working I hope to be finished in time to make after match beers…

Where is Bishopstoke BTW? Ah, I see one gets the train to Eastleigh and then walks over the bridge…

Well, the part of Bishopstoke where the pub is is 4 minutes walk from the station up Bishopstoke Road.

Can you sing?

@Bucks, can you sing or play the triangle?

Badly, yes, but I bang a mean timpani…