End of season beers / party / whatever - part one


Another season nearly over and it has not been dull (even if several home games have been :lou_facepalm_2:). Goatboy’s suggestion about a non-traditional event in June (as he is away this weekend) went down well at the Rock last night. But there was also plenty of support for some sort of “thank fuck that’s over and I dont have to see you bastards for another few months” event, on Sunday.

So, who is joining me and Mrs Bucks for post match deliberation (and examination, Bletch) once we stumble away from a draw with Stoke? The usual venue?


If I am going to the match I will be there. I have a few “family commitment” issues that have to be resolved before I can go.

Will @saintbletch be going?

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Presume the usual venue is the South Western?

Then back to Goatboy’s as a) it’s close and b) he’s not there


I’m afraid not,Big Baddish Bob.

I will be at the big event (part deux) though.


I’d be surprised if I didn’t at least show face. And I’ll definitely be drinking this time. Which might mean that I’ll be teetotal this time? I don’t even know any more. It’s been a long and arduous season.


Well it looks like I won’t be going. Mrs Btripz would rather I helped her with kids at a beach hut and then at the Poole Seven Seas festival.

Don’t mind the former but the I’d rather chop my nuts off than do the latter!!


I’ll be about for pre-match and post-match beers, and will be bringing my best mate.

Sorry @fatso

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We did the South Western before the Man C game & there’s talk of doing so again Sun. It’s a bit of a ball ache changing trains but the beer was impressive. I know what Pap look likes, so I’ll keep an eye out if we’re in there. What does everyone look like?



In town this weekend but will probably have left by the time you will be out of the match.


Rockstone pre-match I think, South Western afterwards. Don’t think I’ll be around for too long post match, as I have to drive home, but I’ll drop in for a lime and soda (I am indeed that crazy). I look amazingly like my avatar, though I don’t always wear sunglasses and I won’t have a spaniel with me on Sunday. But if you don’t spot pap Bletch should be easy enough to pick out.


If we’re not doing South Western we’ll probably do Alex which isn’t that far from Rockstone so I may pop in. What time do you lot kick off the session?

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We will be in the Rockstone - or probably the garden - by 1pm latest. Could well be earlier.


Join us before the game?


Unfortunately heading out of town at 10am. Otherwise would have.


Poo. See you in August then!


Just back from beers with @intiniki .

She wanted to call it the pre pre match beers. I refused to acknowledge the existence of such an event.


This is true.


Must have missed you lot by minutes at The Rockstone. It’s 50/50 whether I can make The SWA now, but I’ll be there if I can.

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Missed your influence Ant - some members were out of control :cool: