🇦🇷 Emiliano Sala missing after suspected plane crash



Doesn’t look good.



Absolutely terrible news, a miracle is needed.



Cardiff City’s Emiliano Sala was on missing plane, French authorities say



From BBC

Here’s the latest news from the police
There have been various updates over the last half an hour or so.

Here’s what the latest news we have from Guernsey Police:

A number of floating objects have been spotted in the water
Police have found no signs of those on board
Search and rescue operations have been suspended for the evening
The current plan is for it to resume at sunrise tomorrow
Guernsey Police also confirmed they will be providing no further updates this evening.



Poor bastard.

Unless he/they got in a raft and are incredibly lucky then they’ve perished.

Hope it’s not too soon, and obviously thoughts go to the family, but I wonder what would happen to the transfer in situations like this?

Are clubs insured against such losses ?

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Yes they will be insured, I’d guess that the company that flew him will be sued, the company, pilot, designers and people that maintained the aircraft will also be looked at.



So why would they be sued Barry? Unless there was gross negligence? Of course the crash will be investigated along with the airline and pilot. It’s standard procedure.

The football club will have Keyman insurance (to protect against just this sort of incident) and the airline will be fully insured (legal requirement) - I actually know about this stuff

You’d be great as a journalist in the MSM, immediate speculation without knowing the facts :man_facepalming:



Aren’t there specific rules from IATA relating to compensation?

Nobody is suing anyone Bazza until Air Accident Investigation is finished, that could take a year or more. Doubt that a single engined Piper Malibu has a black box.

He WAS a new signing Cobham. Questions must be open about whether he had fully signed the contract, whether the contract terms such as payments, registrations etc had actually been completed (my daughter is a Corporate Lawyer and I like you have an idea just how lengthy they can be.

Would the admin department have even had the time to do all of the different insurances, visas, work permits etc?

A clusterfuck for Cardiff IF they have paid (or have to pay out) and wait for the money to be returned via lawyers or insurance. They are now back to square one and missing a striker.

Did Nantes get the money? Can they buy a replacement?

It’s a sad story and I think we should leave it there,

Latest from BBC Sport

The search for a missing aircraft that was carrying Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala has resumed.

The Argentine striker, 28, was one of two people on board the plane which lost contact off Alderney in the Channel Islands on Monday night.

Sala reportedly sent a WhatsApp voice message to family, saying he was “really scared”.

Media in Argentina reported that he said: “I’m on a plane that looks like it’s going to fall apart.”

Five aircraft and two lifeboats scoured more than 1,000 sq miles for traces of the Piper Malibu plane on Tuesday.

And the search continued from first light on Wednesday.

Guernsey Police tweeted: “Two planes are taking off and will search a targeted area we believe has the highest likelihood of finding anything, based on review of the tides and weather since it went missing.”

Sala was heading to the Welsh capital after signing for the Bluebirds from French club Nantes in a £15m deal.

Cardiff City chairman Mehmet Dalman said players and fans were in a “state of shock”.

“We are still praying,” he said, adding that the club had received messages of support from around the world.

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Yep @Polski_Filip IATA is the norm and if signed up to MC99 financial amounts are set for death.

Normally for big contracts there is usually a stipulation (set by the financiers) that keyman insurance is in place before / at the point of signing - so assuming contracts were done and dusted then…but, bearing in mind football finance can’t be considered anywhere near “normal”, who knows?

As you say, best leave all speculation etc here - until more is actually known about events.

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Wow, I used to think that corporate law and insurance were boring until now.

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It is - you sarcastic bastard




I doubt that the designers of a plane model that first flew in 1979 will be looked at or investigated (assuming that they’re alive). You’d be hard pressed to look at the pilot too unless you are competent in marine salvage recovery.

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I’d said guess and someone will have to pay.
He had signed so he is Cardiff’s player, Nantes have no liability so I’d “guess” the issue will be with Cardiff and the company that flew him, liability will come into it when they know what happened?



Just feel for his family and friends like… and those of the other passenger and pilots etc… not sure worry about Cardiff’s insurance etc is that important Tbh…



Very sad indeed. The voice message he left friends from the plane is eery and evidence enough that the plane was in trouble.



The experts are now saying that ice on the prop was possibly the cause.



Built up? I as you know am far from an expert but surely they would have checked the weather and seen whether it was viable to fly such an aircraft in such weather?



At least the family might get some closure

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