Edge Special: 100 Greatest Video Games

Not entirely sure how the list was compiled, but think it is just opinion of the writer(s) at Edge. But anyway, it’s generating some discussion in the office nonetheless.

Top 10:

10 - Minecraft
9 - Resident Evil 4
8 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
7 - Super Mario Galaxy 2
6 - Tetris
5 - Half-Life 2
4 - Bloodborne
3 - The Last of Us
2 - GTA V
1 - Dark Souls

Full List

Clearly it is subjective, and probably deliberately provocative. My biggest beef with it is how heavily it relies on the new. Super Mario Maker for example has been out about a month. There’s no way you can call a game that new one of the greatest games ever!

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Tetris is a good metaphor for life. Despite having a load of shit to sort out, and the absolute certainty that it’ll all end in death, you give it a proper go regardless.

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You’ve used that one before.

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Glad to see BF4 and COD4 on there, clearly the best titles from both series.

Originally posted by @KRG

You’ve used that one before.

Guilty. But never on a site where it could be “liked”!

Thank-you for obliging. A small dream has come true today. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll claw back all those dreams that were stomped on over at SaintsWeb when Godzilla Turkish rose from the depths :laughing:

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Hey, I still laugh at a comedian when I know it’s not the first time they’ve used a joke. So why not.

On the list itself, glad to see nods for both Braid & Fez. As something of a platform lover, these are two faves. Bit perplexed at Little Big Planet 3 being on the list, I’d argue the 1st is the best of the bunch (plus a friend worked on it, so I’m biased).

Think GTA V is the wrong choice for a GTA game. 1 & 3 would be my picks. I don’t really think 4 or 5 offered much or furthered the series, other than (admitedly a seriously high level of) polish. The two listed are the ones that pushed the envelope for me, arguably San Andreas too. I didn’t like V much, if I’m honest. First one I didn’t finish.

Much as I loved The Last of Us, I think #3 is a bit high.

I’d have had Ocarina of Time higher, but it’s the right choice having that the highest of the Zelda’s.

Think 64 is the best Mario game, but that’s personal taste I guess.

Cannot comprehend the omissions of GoldenEye, WoW & Deus Ex.

Yep - no Deus Ex, no point.



Way of exploding fist

Last Ninja 2

Dan Dare

Uncharted 2


Sensible Soccer

Kick Off 2

Operation Wolf


Maio Kart

Uncharted 2


Far Cry 3

GTA San Andreas


Batman 2010’S


Double Dragon

Streets of Rage

Emlyn Hughes Soccer

Football Manager

Company of Heroes

Command and Conquer

Tiberium Wars

Resident Evil 1

Resident Evil 4

Silent Hill

Fallout 3

Track and Field

Sensible Soccer

Yie ar Kung-Fu

And a few others but the best for dialogue and story no doubt is the last of us, I have played quite a lot of games in fact too many but that game sucks you inlike no other, you feel it as much play it.

And who the fuck thinks Dark Souls in number 1?

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And my list is already better than that shite.

Meh, the top 100 list in Edge issue 200 was miles better.

(May have listed games that I worked on)

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Others (in the office) have mentioned that too, I’ve had a look but can’t find the list anywhere. Do you have a copy, or know where it can be found.

Also, which games on the list did you work on?

Apart from mentioning a couple of games twice, that’s a good list. All of those games were good in their day, and some of them are still classics now.

I am really behind on a lot of my games, but I have picked up The Last Of Us in the PSN sale, and am looking forward to spending time with that. Loads of stuff passes me by though. Haven’t played any of those Souls games yet.

Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

And who the fuck thinks Dark Souls in number 1?

Haven’t played it personally, but there’s a fair few designers (including the one I work with) and devs here that love those games and agree with them being #1. It’s subjective, but they just don’t seem like my sort of games.

Originally posted by @ant

Yep - no Deus Ex, no point.

I spent so much money on that game. I had a mid-range nVidia card which was alright for most stuff. This ran like shite on it, and it had native support for 3DFX cards, so I bang 250 notes down on a top-end 3DFX card. Happy days.

A couple of months later, nVidia bought 3DFX and basically said “fuck you, 3DFX owners. No more support. You’ll move to our shit”. I was pissed off and adamant that I’d never move to their shit.

I moved to their shit.

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This sounds like why I’ll always be a console gamer. Too much money/effort to be part of the “PC Master Race” *vomits*.

Pap retorts with Mac jibe.

A good but but fucking annoying and unfair, also the controls are fucked man, sends you insane, i let the bastard go before I fully lost it.

Ha, that sounds pretty in line with the dissenting voices here :slight_smile:

I dunno, I might give it a go. I imagine copies are pretty cheap now. But yeah, it just doesn’t seem like my kind of game. I suspect there’s a fair amount of difficulty for difficulties sake. I guess it depends how masochistic you are?

What games did I meniton twice? TLOU is amazing and I can assure you when you will get misty eyed, yes there is a few squences when it really is like that, Nolan North is a legend.


On that list? Fable 2 and Space Giraffe


Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

What games did I meniton twice? TLOU is amazing and I can assure you when you will get misty eyed, yes there is a few squences when it really is like that, Nolan North is a legend.

TBH I thought it was arse, but I know one of the lead designers very well, so my judgement is affected by the fact he thinks Sonic is better than Mario.

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