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I know we’ve got a Documentaries thread. I think this sort of thing is different enough to be worthy of its own thread. I want your great interviews and debates.

I can think of no better example for a tone-settin’ starter for ten than Bollocks-in-Chief Brian Clough (RIP), on the day he got sacked from Leeds United.

I’ve got more dynamite chat to contribute later, including more Clough, but for now, enjoy this and post your own.


Good old George

Used to occasionally see him in the Vic in Surbiton when I worked in said parish


Saints legend (no a REAL legend) Ron Davies being interviewed after he scored all 4 goals in the 4 - 1 win against Man U at Old Trafford…August 1969.

I rerecorded this in 2010 after the original disappeared from the Internet. Even today there is very little to be found of Big Ron in action.
Thanks to Duncan Holley who kindly supplied a video copy of the interview on a CD. Although it would play on my PC I couldn’t find a way to convert it to a format acceptable for YouTube so a mate and I re-videoed off my PC screen…hence the reduced quality.

Game highlights…


Very good chat between Keane and Vieira.


That looks brilliant - I’ll have to watch it properly when I have the time.

What’s so fucking endearing about all three of them is that they all really fucking love that movie. They all watch it, which they don’t do with many of their other movies. All quoting from it. They’re as much in love with it as we are.

Buscemi nails the film’s appeal and the reason for its initial critical flop. He says it’s the sort of film that people only really get once they know what it is, then they can just sit back and enjoy it.

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Finally watched that in its entirety, and I can only agree. Brilliant stuff - thanks for posting it, as I’m sure I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

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That was excellent. Never knew Hoskins had that angle to him. .

Chat gold, Goaters.

Not the best chat, but still fascinating.



Great film…loved it then, love it now.
Muggeridge and the Bishop…pomposity at it’s best, love that too…great sketch. :rofl:

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I remember watching this live at the time with my old man. Malcom Muggeridge was a spook, intelligence officer MI5. Watching this again now it seems quite amazing that someone like Muggeridge could be in a role like that, and be invited on to the BBC in a discussion like this, without any disclosure as to his Security Services role. I remember when Muggeridge finally succumbed to senility, at a ripe old age, everybody was amazed when his CV became public knowledge. I have no doubt that nothing has changed, you do have to wonder, watching some of the absolute shite on the TV at the moment, sadly watched by millions who hang on every word, who the modern day Malcolm Muggeridge’s are.

I’m increasingly becoming enamoured with Dick Cavett and his interviews from the past. So many interesting people. So many interesting chats. This one is pretty explosive.

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Elon Musk is not the best conversationalist. Fucking hell, he’s interesting.

Very recent Joe Rogan interview. Is he for real?

Dune has just dropped on Netflix here, this was a perfect way to lead into rewatching it!

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