:discourse: Discourse Changes 16th March 2019

Some new features and changes

Ignore Users

Oh, yes. Something I never thought Discourse would do was allow you to ignore users, but they’re implementing it but it is highly experimental at the moment.

Please do not just reach for the ignore user button without also considering flagging posts.

If we simply ignore a user without flagging poor content, then their posts aren’t brought to the attention of the mods and their posting style is unlikely to change. Please keep flagging inappropriate content.

The ignore feature will improve over time but the idea is that it will allow you to not see posts by a user if you find their contributions too annoying or frustrating.

At the moment this feature allows you to ignore posts, but not the first post in a new topic, by specific users. Not being able to ignore the OP is down to a short-term technical difficulty but will be implemented in future.

Also over time, the plan appears to be that you will be able to ignore users in a specific context or over a specific period of time. i.e. Ignore a user’s posts in Topic X, or ignore a user’s posts in Category Y, or ignore a user’s posts for Z hours. Right now you just ignore all posts by a user.

The moderators will get a report that tells us when a user has been ignored.

How do you turn it on?

…I hear you ask.

There are two ways to do this. Firstly, you can click on the emoji of the scummy user you want to ignore, go to their profile and click the ignore button.

Here I’ve chosen a user that most people will certainly choose to ignore…

To Un-ignore, click the button again.

Alternatively, if you go to your profile (click your emoji, then click the gear icon), you can add users to your list of ignored users under Notifications -> Users.

Returning posters

Posters that post after not having been around for a while (60 days) will cause Discourse to celebrate the fact with a little note that appears above their latest post.

The idea here is that if you’re pleased that they’ve returned to post, you might welcome them back - or tell them to foxtrot oscar and delta, India, echo.

Plugin Updates

We’ve also updated some plugins which should fix some ongoing issues.

One particularly annoying bug was on the Quick Messages Plugin (big envelope) on mobile that would leave the screen greyed out when you finished a coversation. This should now be fixed (I’m told - not tested yet).

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You’ve done very good work here. A big well done from me xxx

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Has anyone heard from @Rust-Cohle recently? Only I’ve got him on ignore - patronising bastard.

Is this a snowflake button for punters who can’t ignore by scrolling past without being offended and punters who can’t accept their view being questioned?

What a World we live.

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In case anyone wanted to know what it would look like to have someone on ignore…

RIP Barry. :crying_cat_face:

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Couldn’t give a shit, the illiberal liberal, the blocking or silencing of someone is the end of discourse, the irony is striking.

I’ll add for someone who is supposed to be intolerant I’ve never not blocked, complained or down voted anyone ever yet the sandal wearer who loves everything is closing down debate, it’ll ruin the continuity and flow of rabid disagreement and crying as people don’t agree with them.

Who is this sandal wearer?

I’ll skirt that question as I don’t want to be confrontational.

Goat, could you do me a favour and quote one of Barry’s earlier replies?

i.e. quote so that the quoted text appears in your reply.

I imagine it still appears if it’s quoted.

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Don’t know how to do that on my phone coz I’m a luddite. Not going downstairs yet as there are teenage girls in my lounge. My God. What’s the world coming to?

Restraining order(s), again?


Just not sure they’re ready for my latex pyjamas.



Of course, why would I block someone, frankly a pathetic thing to do.

I’m pissing about Barry. Reread the last 4 words.

Barry in grammar shocker.

So, to answer my own question, even though you have someone ignored, if their post is quoted you will get to see it.

Cool. I won’t bother learning to quote on my phone then.

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