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:coffin: Death


Really sad to hear that. I wondered why he hadn’t appeared on the News Quiz or I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue for ages, and I guess I know why now.

RIP Jeremy. You’ll be missed.





“Do hurry up, Richard!”


Have to say Jeremy Hardy news hit me a bit. Saw him on Leftfield at Glastonbury the other year. Pretty sure his brother worked with my dad at one point. Jeremy did tweet on 3rd Jan he had cancer but then reported he was fine.
He was also a Sotonian as he went to Southampton uni.


Mrs C_S just played me this. Cried when I first heard it. Just cried now.



Just read about that. Brilliant actor. Lived in Emsworth in his last years, I believe.



RIP the Airbus A380. It passes less than a fortnight after i got out of its spiritual home.

BBC News - Airbus scraps A380 superjumbo jet as sales slump

As an Emirates exonomy passenger, the front downstairs sextion was a fantastic place to fly, the staircases made it open, there was space to walk around, the seats were wider with more legroom than the B777. But if you got stuck at the back it could be claustrophobic & take forever to disembark.
Its Business Class lounge was a gimmick but on a 15 hour flight to LA it was needed. Flying in 1st Class and having a Shower was just silly.
Luxury in a world of low cost & Primark, plus they just guzzled gas as fastvas we guzzled bubbles

Will i miss her? No. I’ve discovered no frills Long Haul in B737-800 MAX It’s half the price, plus i dont plan on heading to Dubai any time soon, too much of the world to see in Europe.

RIP The white elephant of the skies.

PS. I once flew the Qantas version. I prefer Ryanair to that.


John Stalker is dead. He’s the chap that spent some time asking whether it would be wonderful if “we could use our garden without the continual glare of the sun”.

We live in Britain. Stalker was famously associated with Greater Manchester, a region noted for its rain, not sun. Go figure.


The first woman to run the country (allegedly) has died.