⚰ Death

:coffin: Death



I couldn’t believe how devastated I was when I learned that she wasn’t really married to (that twat) Terry.



First man down 2019 :lou_sad:


I’ve just seen that Ray Sawyer of Dr Hook has died.

It was on the cover of the Rolling Stone.


Dean Ford, lead singer with Marmalade has passed away aged 72. Marmalade were the first band i ever saw live, in 1967 at Margate Dreamland Ballroom. They were a great live act in the sixties with a big reputation, Hendrix in particular rated them very highly, they toured with him. I saw them a couple more times before they became the first Scottish band to have a No 1 single with their poppy cover of the Beatles song Ob La Di Ob La Da. which in no way reflected just what a good band they were. Sadly they were never the same after that. Reflections Of My Life is probably their greatest legacy, written by Dean.RIP.