⚰ Death

:coffin: Death


That poison scene was probably the best bit of writing and confusion ever…



What you do not smell is called iocane powder.

I love this completely.


Adventures in the screen trade, is one of the best books about 1970’s Hollywood.


The grim reaper has been up close and personal with me lately. I’ve marked the unfortunate passing of three people that went far too soon.

J was a bloke I knew from my contracting days. Not sure whether he actually hit 30 or not, but if you have to ponder that, it’s too fucking young. He was genuinely a lovely young man, who’d already dealt with some tragedy of his own. He lost his sister the year before. His parents have no living children. Any of that on its own is a tragedy. Knowing what at least one of those kids turned out like, it’s a huge tragedy.

R was a party girl that died in her late 40s. If I’m being entirely honest, many of her circle of friends wondered if her lifestyle would catch up with her. Even so, it’s a massive loss. She leaves two adult kids behind.

Finally, just found out today that B, a former student of mine in North Carolina, died at 58. Lovely bloke, larger than life and someone that always saw the best in people.

I think the hardest part of getting older is seeing other people not do the same.


Harry Leslie Smith of Harry’s Last Stand fame has sadly shuffled off this mortal coil


If he had been assasinated the headline could have been ‘BUSH WHACKED!’, if he had been assassinated by Luke and Butch the headline could have been ‘BUSH WHACKED BY BUSHWHACKERS!’. Ah well, could still happen with Dubya Jnr.


The world is a slightly less evil place now and when his son dies, it will be a slightly less stupid place.


Fuck no

They’re all dropping off this mortal coil too soon


He was on a downward spiral scratch, but what else would you expect from an orgasm addict?