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John Walker died today.

The father of my oldest friends from the Waterside.

Here’s to you John.

Remembering good times.



I just hope they don’t shoehorn in bad CGI versions of him into future Marvel films.


I think the way to go is a background nod here and there, ever present, just as he always was. Perhaps a touch less of “hey kids, it’s Stan Lee!” wouldn’t be a bad thing.

That said, I begrudge him nowt, and as someone that has gotten a great deal of pleasure from his works and how people have riffed on it over the years, I’m pleased that he got to see it all come to life in the last years of his life. I bet he watched every single one of those films.


Yeah I think a reference to him in the background easter egg style would be good. You’re right though, at 95 he could just as easily have passed away 15-20 years ago and never seen the levels his creations have reached, and lets face it after the 1990’s Captain America film he could well have thought that he’d never see another big screen adaptation come to pass.


Matt Salinger was a fucking low bar for Chris Evans to clear, J.D’s son or not.


Flat stanley couldn’t have limbo’d under the bar Salinger set.


Young Adult and mates held him up as a hero- not bad for a 95 year old amongst 17 / 18 year olds.

To be fair my favourite Stan Lee moment was from the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon got that restraining order.


When I was 11 or 12 and reading Marvel comics, the idea that Stan Lee would even get an obituary in the national media would’ve been ludicrous. The films aren’t always to my taste, but just knowing that the guy in all those letter columns died as one of the great cultural icons feels like a win for all of us.


And I should add, RIP Stan Lee. Thanks for the brilliant stories and the fantastic rides.


My Dad worked at the old USMFA base in Hythe and in the early / mid ‘70s would bring home all the latest superhero comics from the States.

I still have a carrier bag of them (none in good enough condition to make any money though). Used to spend ages reading and rereading them which is probably why I’m ambivalent about the recent films - they’re already in my head, see?

Used to love the adverts in the comics for things like x-ray specs. Really wanted a pair of those, though at the time I wasn’t sure why…


Never read any Marvel or DC Comics, but what an influence he had on the entertainment and story telling i watch in these past years.
5 years ago I’d probably never known who he was, now I realise he was a genius.


For all you piscatorial types out there … John Wilson has cast his last line.


A legend of the angling world RIP.



The brilliantly talented William Goldman. This tweet doesn’t mention The Princess Bride. It ought to though. I was just thinking yesterday how that’s about the best bit of comedy writing I’ve ever seen.




Where’s Miracle Max when you need him!