⚰ Death

:coffin: Death


Now known as Deady Doug.


Too soon :lou_facepalm_2:


Freshly Doug.


Dig Doug??



I disagree, having a slightly weird relationship with death this week. A former colleague of mine passed away over the weekend. He was 29, and that was too soon.

94 is a ripe old age, especially if you’ve got to play around with a football club for a couple of decades.


No, too soon for the joke, not too soon for him to pop his clogs!!


It’s never too soon for the joke. Imho, it’s open season the second they croak.


Said Miss Piggy when Kermit went.


When Bill Maynard expired recently I finally got to report that Froggit had croaked.

I’d been waiting thirty years to use that gag.


Peter Brackley, the football commentator, has died aged 67.

He was originally on Radio 2, as it was then and was the guest speaker at my cricket clubs annual dinner in 1982. A very funny man and good with the impersonations.


Oh, blimey. I remember him from the 80’s when I lived in Brighton. I lived right by the Goldstone Ground as a matter of fact.


Paul Allen’s yacht has sailed


Isn’t he the first whale to die of the just giving pledge?