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SB, rather pathetically, one of my proudest moments was when Jack fm used one of my sickipedia gags verbatim during their evening drivetime show. A mate texted me to say they’d nicked it, it was a joke about stallone visiting the UK to promote his artwork.


Ok, now i’m trying to guess the headline … “Rocky’s Pics pack a punch on visit” i’m no good at this


Sylvester Stallone tells us he is “better at painting than acting.”

I’ve never seen his paintings, but I agree with him.


That’s good but for me, “Chas and Grave” is genius


Real shame about Chas Hodges. Terrific musician and by all accounts, a top fella too.


Watched a really good documentary about him a while back, think it was on BBC4, talked a lot about his early career as a session musician and how he played bass on tour with Deep Purple. If someone had any sense at the BBC they would put it on iPlayer.



Now painting another world with a rainbow.


French singer Charles Aznavour has passed away, aged 94 so he had a good innings. Sold more than 100 million records worldwide.


Charles As no More

too soon ?


Died on Saturday, aged 84.


Never too soon. Never.


George Emerick. Arguably The Beatles would have been really shite without him.


We’d still have a lovely little alien son or daughter to remember him by, but oh no, Ripley had to nuke LV-426 from orbit.

It was the only way to be sure, apparently.


I first read that and assumed you were replying to my latest post…and thought, “what the fuck is @pap on now?”

Then I realised. Apologies for doing you a disservice Sir.


Ray Galton, creator of Steptoe and Son has died aged 88.


I saw that

Him and Alan Simpson wrote a lot of the comedy on the telly box when I was a kid. Happy times


Also Monsterrat Caballier …whoops I mean Montserrat Caballé. RIP.


My all time favourite radio comedy remains Hancock’s half hour. Heard them all dozens of times and they still make me laugh.


Former Aston Villa chairman (back in the days when a football club chairman ran the club), Doug Ellis, has popped his clogs at the age of 94. Popularly known as “Deadly Doug” thanks to his propensity for sacking managers, so was clearly ahead of his time.