⚰ Death

:coffin: Death


Fair enough mate :grinning:


Oliver Postgate, who with Peter Firmin was my TV childhood.


John McCain has finally departed for downstairs.


The guardian are attempting to cannonize him.
Top headline in their app.
“We are all in his debt”
For what? A lifetime of bringing death to innocent people.
The only sad thing is that so many like him are still breathing. Here’s a more accurate headline.
“One less evil cunt in the world :champagne::champagne::champagne:


Suppose its relative - compared to the current events cunt he might be considered a slightly less eveil cunt? Is it possible to be an evil cunt but still be less of an evil cunt than someone else? Interesting philosophical conundrum


He has been a very active bringer of death since Vietnam, right up to the day before he died. A true cunt, so i’ll go along with this view.

For this kind of man.


Blake 7’s Jacquline Pearce is no longer the Supreme Commander. Great story from Russell T. Davies here:







Well that’s sad. Underrated as an actor, he was a typecast for his looks. He was a major star in the late 70’s to early 80’s. But, times changed. He was also quite difficult to work with. Nice article from National Review



The star of Smokey and the Bandit has passed away, and will be cremated.

RIP Burnt Reynolds.



Denis Norden at 96.

Obviously wasn’t alright last night.


With respect…I hope his last fall wasn’t caught on video.
RIP Dennis.


Chas Hodges :cry:


Chas and Grave?


Scotty deserves more upvotes, or a job as a Sun headline writer :slight_smile: