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I went to university with the chap who is now Rick Stein’s gait coach. He told me it took him an inordinate amount of time to teach Rick how to walk like someone who’s not a smarmy cunt. Even now he gets it wrong from time to time, apparently, so being his gait coach is a full-time job.


You’re going to need a gait coach after I’ve kicked your balls up your arse.


That’s exactly what Rick Stein said to me.


True Story. In 1966 I listened to the World Cup final on a radio, in a caravan, in Mother Ivy’s Bay. It was owned by Rick Stein’s parents being next to their big house and I knew the then 18 y.o Richard and we had stayed there the year before.

He had no problem with his “gait” as | recall, but I have not set foot in Cornwall since. Although this might be due to my father sneaking off without telling me and watching the game in a Radio Rentals shop in Padstow.

I had to wait until November to see the goals, when the official film came out at The Gaumont.


Only just caught up with this sad news. Danny Kirwan, half of the best twin-lead guitar attack ever, passed away on Friday.

The blonde youngster in this clip from 1969…


Aw’ite Ange … Leslie Grantham has recorded his last Eastenders.


Or has he? I seem to remember Dirty Den has pulled this trick before. fool me once etc------.


TBF his acting career died several years ago.


To be fair that would be astounding marketing


A cabbie in Cheltenham today was saying to me that he (Leslie) went t Hollywood and did a few films…which I didn’t know about tbf - can’t even carry on with the anecdote as I’d rather remember him as Den… and the West Country cabbie couldn’t do an east ender accent for toffees…


News obviously hasn’t reached Sandy Bay, Dubai. (Unless he’s done a seperate thread) BUTthe great Aussie, Peter Thomson, 5 times winner of The Open, has died aged 87.

Also Hubert Green, 1977US Open and 1985 PGA winner, has been bunkered at the early age of 71


Big fan of Bagpuss as a kid. Went to a exhibition at the V&A Children’s Museum to see some of their work a while bac.


In tribute, I just made a noise like Professor Yaffle.

(And it was excellent @Rust-Cohle so you can shut your mouth!)


I bet he has gone all saggy now ?

too soon?


Thanks LBD, The news reached here. Fact is Peter Thomson was way before I took any interest in golf. And it would have been hypocritical of me to post something about him that I didn’t feel.

What I can say is that reading much more since his passing, is that he wasn’t on my radar because in fact his influence was felt so massively in Asia, where he really played a massive role in expanding the game and helping set up the Asian Tour, Indian Open etc.

So for the millionaires that can afford to play Asian Country Clubs, the tourists who flock to Thailand to play it’s courses then he really was a big deal. Australian and Asian Golf mourn him.

But excuse me for (personally) not holding him in the regard that I hold Palmer, Nicklaus and Player and the modern generation.


Alan Longmuir, Bay City Rollers bassist passed this morning after a short illness, aged 70. Became ill while on holiday with family in Mexico.


His last Open win was in 1965 and was the first one I watched on TV. Hence, my fondness of him.

It’s amazing to read that in those days they played played Wednesday to Friday, with 2 rounds on the Friday. The following year they finally changed to a Saturday 4th round finish.


Just got a text saying Richard Swift of black keys has died agreed 41


…and of The Shins too.

This seems apt…


Very sad…41 is no age at all. :unamused: